Atlas's Application (EU Nordic & East)

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Atlas's Application (EU Nordic & East)

Post by Atlas on Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:35 pm

No idea if I'm already added to something or w/e, this is just an official application.

Summoner Name: Toxic Steel

Level: 30

Elo (even if you don't know or have one): 1111 (lots of 1's)

Worst role: Support (Worst, not as in bad, as in not as awesome as the rest)

Best role: Carry,Tank, Mid-AP, Jungler

List of communication means (aka Skype, Vent, TS etc...): Facebook, Forums Razz

Server you play on (NA or any EU servers): Only EUNE, I have some EUW accounts but low-level'd.

Why do you want to join our own League? Fun times to come, plus I know you guys Wink

What do you think you'll bring to our team? Cooperation and understanding. Plus major tactics developed over the last 2 years Razz

Are you a team player? Yes. Which I believe is fundamental in this game.

Are you open to constructive criticism? Well... Not really really open. But most of the time I can tell I've made a mistake and I'm open to suggestions.

Are you a leader or a follower? Whatever needed. I can organise the team in one game, and follow orders in another. It's all up to what is needed at the time.

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