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Post by Aardvark on Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:50 am

These are the clan rules, they apply to EVERY game you may play as long as you are in JvS, but they may not be the only rules. Games with a governance separate from the general clan may have more specific rules that apply to that game only, but regardless these rules apply to everyone.

Racism is absolutely NOT tolerated at JvS. Any incidence of racism carries a minimum punishment of a 24 hour ban, though a severe case can result in the banishment of a member with no hope of return. Think before you speak and if you're angry think longer, any member convicted of racism carries a stigma with them for the rest of their time in this clan, even for minor offenses.

Flaming is insulting someone maliciously in order to get a rise out of them and it is frowned upon. You are members of the same clan, you may have disagreements, but in the end your bond as clan members should outweigh any temporary dispute. We realize you will get mad, people will get on your nerves, but try to settle things amicably and if you cannot blow off some steam with a friend or seek out a Councilor, Senator, Faction Leader, or a leader from your game's governance, you can rely on us to hear you out and let you air out your opinions. If you feel your grievance is serious you are free to seek help in arbitration as well where members of the Council will work together to sort out your issues. You have many options available, so please do not air your dirty laundry in front of the clan.
P.S. Trolling and good-natured barbs are fine so long as you know when to stop.

Not everyone is at the same skill level, not everyone plays the same way, and not everyone likes your particular games of choice, that is no reason to disrespect someone. You may hold opinions on certain games, everyone does, but that does not mean your opinion is the only one or the right one, so do not disrespect someone for their choice of games and be a good sport even if you find a tactic aggravating. Before you post an insult or call someone out just remember, the way you play might be annoying to someone else.

This list of rules is subject to addition if unforeseen issues arise, we know this can be aggravating, you can't be expected to stay out of trouble if you don't know what to avoid and we understand, that is why we are a tolerant clan. But a general rule of thumb is this: Do not act like a douche and you won't get in trouble.


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