New jurrasic park game

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New jurrasic park game

Post by Red-X on Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:13 am

Coming this month actually. And I'm surprised I havnt seen any trailers at all until I saw the ad on steam

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Re: New jurrasic park game

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:07 am

Ive known about it for some time now. Kinda wondered where its been.
Unless there is mass slaughter at the hands of t rexes and velociraptors, its no jurassic park game. This is the kinda game i let it go game over all the time, a la Tomb Raider

Also, they did not create marine fossils in the islands...for more than obvious reasons.


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Re: New jurrasic park game

Post by Nomad on Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:42 pm

i sense fail gameplay thats all.....

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Re: New jurrasic park game

Post by Aleksi U on Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:03 pm

Nomad wrote:i sense fail gameplay thats all.....

Indeed, you don't move your character, it's all just clicking options rofl.
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Re: New jurrasic park game

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