Part 3.....finally =_="

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Part 3.....finally =_="

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Part 3

Chapter 18Skorp

2 Years Later…

On board a new state of the art Imperial cruiser, ArcSinµ stood on the bridge looking out of the viewport. He held his mask against his hip, letting his trimmed dark red hair hung just below his ears. The cruiser was his personal flagship. Only a few High Lords in the Empire owned; including CoSinµ as well. He had his own crew and multiple fighter squadrons and troops. They were traveling through hyperspace for a very important task. One that would be remembered for all of time.

“We will arrive at Corellia in one hour, my Lord.” One of his bridge officers announced.

ArcSinµ was en route with a massive strike force. High Lord Skorp was leading the battle group with just half his fleet. Which was large in itself; the brother’s group only made up a third. CoSinu’s ship was traveling along side his brother. The two of them owned sister starships, named after their clan: Sinµsoid. As ArcSinu continued to stare out into hyperspace, he sensed a few members on the bridge taking glances at him. He knew why, of course. It was known amongst travelers, that staring into the tunnel would bring madness to the individual. They called it ‘Hyper-Rapture’. Some say it could bring death to everyone aboard. His crew was waiting for him to snap, waiting for him to unleash his blade upon them in fury for no reason at all. It never happened. There was one physical sign hyperspace was affecting him; his eyes. They flashed dark yellow every couple of seconds.

ArcSinµ didn’t realize this event was happening until he saw his own reflection in the viewport a few months back. But, that wasn’t the only thing involved with this phenomenon. Images went through his mind. Some he knew, some he didn’t understand. CoSinµ was first to mention this odd occurrence.

“What does this mean, brother?” He would always ask.

Images appeared quickly without warning or meaning. Usually, it was mostly sand. An endless sea; a voice would speak telling them to never come back; people wearing the same garbs as themselves; a large temple; a man named Nomad; their master, Sinµsoidal. The one thing that stood out the most was the invasion of their home. The Jedi came and destroyed everything. Slaughtered everyone. Murdered their master and Nomad in cold blood. Thus, placing ArcSinµ and CoSinµ the last of their people. With that memory burned into their minds, they have been waiting for the opportunity to return the favor.

Everything else just felt blank. Memories of being granted High Lord still stood fresh. Being tasked with the most important mission they ever were given; the invasion of Coruscant. They wouldn’t ‘take’ the planet, so to speak, mentioned the Dark Lord, ‘Just to give them a message.’ With that, CoSinµ and ArcSinµ were given their own cruisers and battle group. They arrived at Skorp’s rendezvous point above Korriban to combine forces. Their major target to hit was the Jedi Temple itself. ArcSinu will have the honor placing the welcome mat right in the front door. Just before reaching Coruscant, the fleet will be making a stop in the Corellian system to pick up Skorps lover; a Bounty Hunter.

“Lord Skorp is hailing us.”

“Put him through.” ArcSinµ stepped a few paces back as the view screen dimmed to black. Skorps face appeared out of haze. Rumors have gone around about him once being a Jedi. Whenever someone voiced a question about the topic, they disappeared. Never to be seen again. But in fact it was true. No one knows exactly how it happened; a total mystery. ArcSinµ had bribed a few sith troops into digging for more information…they never reported back. He had even snuck into the Imperial Intelligence files and discovered entire sections blacked out, and then suddenly beginning with his sith campaign around the middle of the Great War. After a few engagements on war torn worlds, the two of them had created somewhat of mutual friendship. They had met on the ice covered world of Hoth. Skorps troops were ambushed by the Jedi that was defending the planet. His army was nearly wiped out until ArcSinµ arrived with naval superiority in orbit. Quickly overwhelmed the jedi and their men and took Hoth in a four day campaign.

“I owe you my life…” He’d once told the tusken as he mercilessly killed a Republic trooper who was captured. His fellow comrades next to him were cut down as well by other Sith who were tired of fighting.

Ever since then, they had shared the numerous campaigns and walked out victoriously. When the plan to invade Coruscant was being constructed, the Dark Lord placed Skorp in charge of the assault force. He was a veteran Marauder, and rather ironic that he was in charge of taking down the place he use to call home, the people he was trusted to follow. Skorp immediately request for ArcSinµ’s presence and his brother to be brought in. He knew the two of them were heavy hitters and he wanted this attack to work flawlessly. Once, the plan was set, the fleet slipped out of Dromund Kaas’s system to Korriban.

“I’ve contacted Sabanna. She will be ready when we hit our staging area on the edge of Corellia’s system.” Skorp said nodding. “No need to worry about her safety. She can perfectly handle herself.” He smiled, showing his sharp dagger-like teeth. His pale skin and dark shadows over his eyes showed wrinkles in his smile.

Sabanna was a Mandalorian. Mando’ade to the core. She didn’t like fighting wars, unlike her fellow brothers. She fought for herself and only worked for the highest bidder. The Empire fit the description perfectly. The Republic could never meet her demands. Since the Great War was still going, they would have arrested her on sight. How Sabanna and Skorp met was also a mystery. They all noticed her numerous appearances around the Citadel on Dromund Kaas. Also noticing the two of them were always together.

“As long as she doesn’t get in the way.” ArcSinµ spoke. “Of course.”

“Very good. This will be a daylong remembered for eon’s to come.”

Chapter 19Sabanna

Skorps fleet along with the brothers boomed out of hyperspace in perfect formation not far from the planet of Corellia. Corellia just happen to be a Republic help planet. The only reason the fleet hadn’t been detected, was because of Imperial Agents on ground feeding the surveillance false information, or erasing it completely. Skorp had them stationed on the planet for months, giving them time to blind into the system so they could do their jobs without too much trouble. Some had to assassinate a few of the workers to take on their identity. They were truly efficient.

“Lord Skorp is hailing.” His face appeared, with trouble shrouded all over him. “Theres a snag, Sabanna is being trailed by jedi knights.” He winced at the word jedi. “Get down there, take care those pests. We have a short window before a CorSec spots us out here.”

Within moments, ArcSinµ was in his freighter on his way down to the planet. On the console, a projected hologram spurred to life and Skorps mini image came into view. “Her communications are still operational. Our agents are keeping the scanners and scopes off our ships. Get her out of there ArcSinµ.” Skorp urgently spoke. Information flooded a screen to the right of the figure. “This was her last known location. I sense she is very close.”

ArcSinµ slipped past long range satellites and into the planet’s atmosphere. The freighter descended towards the coordinates rapidly. Just ahead, Coronet, capital of Correlia, was approaching. Skyscrapers littered the island where Coronet sat. The beautiful urban metropolis was buzzing with speeders, multiple mag-lev trains, and other civilian transports. He grumbled a bit, he could sense the stench of the Jedi. “Sabanna, this is High Lord ArcSinµ. Respond.”

Static drowned out the silence and the engines on the ship. Finally, it cleared out. He could hear panting; Running metallic footsteps. A few blaster bolts rang out in the background. “Fierkek! It’s about time, hurry up already!” Hum of a saber whisped by.

“I’m almost there, hold tight.” He banked the freighter hard around a spire, driving other speeders out of the way in a hurry. Scarring people inside the building at the close proximity and the violent sound of the engines, causing the windows to shake.

“Great news, flyboy.” Glass shattered in the background. Screams shouted. Another shot zoomed by.

Up ahead, Coronets large capital building loomed. She was inside. ArcSinµ pushed the throttle further, dodging and rolling out of the way of pedestrian walkways and vehicles. On the east side of the building, a section of the wall blasted out. Someone incased in black and white Mandalorian armor leaped out across a 60 meter gap and smashed through another building's window a few stories down. Three hooded figures shrouded in brown robes, two of them carring two-sided sabers and the other just a single, jumped out of the whole the mando had created and kept pace. Twenty floors up was a balcony…

“97th floor, Sabanna. Balcony.”

“Rogerz!” The sound of a door being blown to bits echoed around the cockpit. “On my way up now!”

ArcSinµ circled around the building once then turned on the repulsers, rocketing the freighter into a fast ascent to the balcony. He shut off the engines and sat idle a couple of feet away from the lip of the terrace. A few minutes went by, no sign of her. She was still alive, that’s for sure. He considered going in, but like skorp said, ‘she can handle herself’. He’ll stay true to his word. Through the cockpit, he studied the private balcony. Beautiful fountains lined the walls, elegant tiles covered the floors, furniture only someone with lots of wealth could afford. It was probably a senator…

“I’ve been cut off! I can’t make it to the balcony!” Sabanna shouted. More gun fire could be heard. A voice was heard in the background, “Pto, do it now!” A split second later Sabanna screamed, “Go down, Go down, Go down!

ArcSinµ quickly turned off the repulsors and the freighter plummeted straight down. The High Lord turned on the engines and angled the ship towards the ground following close to the building. Vehicles zipped by moving out of the way nearly getting smashed. Sabanna was smashed through a window; shoved out by a counter that was ripped out of the floor in the building. The leggings had been sliced off. The Jedi jumped out right after her. Mandalorians always had some sort of jet pack. Hers wasn’t turning on. ArcSinµ put on more thrust, rapidly catching up.

Move it fly boy, don’t have all day!” She yelled through her comm. Civilians in speeders watched in confusion as the Mandalorian plummeted right past them. When they looked up seeing the giant freighter shooting straight for them, they rushed away getting thrown about by the engines wash. “They followed me!” Above her, the three jedi were free falling like stars; using the force to make their descent faster. The Jedi were aware of the freighter; it didn’t matter to them. Sabanna smashed through a passing supply speeder, giving it a gaping hole. She blew out of the lower end in a wild tumble. The supply speeder lost control and fell away knocking into a building. The jedi easily dodged the debris and goods and reformed their formation. They were gaining, but not fast enough. The trio watched as the freighter sped past them. ArcSinµ piloted the craft just next to Sabanna. She finally gained control of her spin and reached out for the hull near the cockpit. When she found a good grip, Sabanna gave a several bangs to hoping for the Sith to hear her. ArcSinµ pulled back on the yoke and leveled out.

Nice catch…”She breathed with a sigh.

After seeing the bounty hunter escape, the Jedi were able to land aboard a passing mag-lev train. It had begun to rain. Drenched wet, the jedi walked into the cabin receiving odd looks from the passengers. They continued through the cars until no more passengers were seen.

“Would someone like to explain where the kriffe that ship came from?” One of them spoke. The figure pulled back his soaked hood revealing a mask with white lines stitched all around looking like a web.

“And how the hell did that ship slip past without CorSec noticing anything odd?” Another blurted.

The third figure shed his hood and leaned against a table. He was clearly older than the others. He scratched his beard. “It wasn’t supposed to rain today…”

The masked jedi cocked his head. “You believe this is some type of…sign, pto?”

“Percisely, Spidey.” Pto nodded. “Hard to describe…The darkside clouds everything. Just like the storm that appeared out of nowhere; blocking my ability to see what the future could be. There was a Sith in that ship”

“Well, - “ The other still silent jedi was cut off by a beep in his robe. He reached in and pulled out a communicator.

“I got a feeling this isn’t going to be good.” Spidey pointed to the communicator.

The Minister of defense had tasked them with locating a Black Sun cell within Coronet and was to squash it. It was suppose to be a simple mission. The minister was hesitant about giving them the job, since their last couple of stints left entire sections of the city in ruins. His voice screamed out of the communicator…

Look what damage you caused Jedi! You’d have any idea what this is going to cost? Sheesh, people weren’t suppose to get hurt. Im getting calls left and right demanding what the hell happened. The Minister of War is up my butt right now trying to get answers and he wants my head! I’ll be damned if I go under because of you three’s shenanigans-!“ The Jedi clicked off the communicator nonchalantly before the man could finish.

“Cog, you shouldn’t have done that…” Spidey sighed.

“There are more important things right now then listen to this grown man cry.” He walked to the rain soaked window and pointed out. “If pto is right about this sign which, he normally is. Then we need to send the High Council a flag.”

“Agreed.” Pto responded.

Chapter 20Last Minute

The freighter pulled into a climb as Sabanna managed to climp onto the ramp and settled herself. ArcSinµ could hear her cursing in Mando’a as she walked into the cockpit. She paused at the sight of him in the doorway through her red T-shaped visor.

“Didn’t know tuskens could fly…” She sat in the copilots chair and took off her helmet. Her orange bown hair fell across her shoulders. Seeing her banged and scratched armor was as sharp contrast to the beauty she carried in her facial features.

“What,” ArcSinµ asked looking at her.” Is a tusken?”

Sabanna looked at him blankly for a bit, and then shook her head. “Sorry for the delay, by the way. Was doing a last minute job for Black Sun. Until, they showed up.”

“The jedi, I assume?”

“Bingo!” She flung her arms up a bit; rolling her eyes. “They were an odd bunch though. One of them was attached to the ceiling listening to our meeting.”

“I don’t see-“

“I’m not finished.” She gave him an annoyed look.” One of them was in the room, on the ceiling watching all of us from the shadows. He was attached to the wall with nothing.” She rested her head on her hand. “The other two were directly above on the next level. I don’t know how they were able to hide from my suit’s senors. As we were about to leave, the one on the ceiling dropped down onto the table we were sitting at and activated that double bladed saber.” She paused for a bit. “Then the other two drilled their way in from above and plummeted in. It was a slaughter. Some of the heads of different areas in Black Sun were literally headless. Those idiots should’ve run. Only a few of us managed to escape.” She looked inside of her helmet checking to see if anything was out of place. “We resorted to running and gunning through the streets.” She looked at ArcSinu, “You know, I never had to use so many human shields before in my life.” She laughed alittle. “I definitely know I ruined quite a few peoples day.”

The freighter cleared Corellias gravity heading back towards the hidden fleet. The com came to life.

“Glad to see you again Sabanna.” Skorp spoke.

“Likewise. “ She smiled and winked at the holo figure. “Are we still on for the mission?”

“Indeed. Make your way to Coruscant now. We’ll be shortly behind you.” Skorp bowed to Sabanna, completely ignoring ArcSinµ and signed off.

ArcSinµ flew through the fleet towards their exit vector. Sith Battlecruisers and Bulk cruisers were cluttered around. Dreadnaughts kept close to the Oppressors in tight formation. ISF and Sith interceptors flew around in their squadrons zigzagging around in perfect coordination. The sister Sinµsoid's steadily moved just behind Skorps flagship, ‘The Reclaimer’. CoSinµ gave his brother a farewell through the force. He would be in command of both their cruisers while ArcSinµ was on ground. As they cleared the fleets gathering into open space, Sabanna punched in the coordinates on the navigation computer. She gave her tusken companion a nod.

“Lets go, fly boy.” Sabanna sat back with her hands behind her head as the stars outside began to stretch.

Chapter 21Large anomaly

“Uh, sir?”


“I’ve detected a large anomally out by our systems edge.”


“Well, what do we do? Should I report it in?”

“Nothing lieutanent, I’ve already reported it in.”


“Don’t worry,” The CorSec officer took a sip of his caf.” it’s just a glitch in the system…”

The large red blip disappeared on the Lieutenants radar screen. He shrugged, and then continued his routine scan.
“See? Things already back to normal.” The CorSec officer, who was in fact an Imperial Agent, unplugged his hidden datapad from behind his desk. The red blit was visible on the pad, slowly moving out of system, and then vanished. “Son, could you do me a favor?”

“Yes sir, of course.”

“Can you fetch me some fresh caf. This is getting cold.” He lied, as he licked his lips. The lieutenant got out of his station and walked out of the room. Once the door closed behind him, the Agent walked over to the man’s station and wiped the memory banks clean while pretending to check on his progress. The other analysts were too busy paying attention to their own monitors. He noticed the man was also drinking caf as well. He secretly slipped poison from his pen into the man’s drink, then walked back to his desk; resting his feet on top, with his arms folded over his chest.

End Part 3

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