Dark & Light battle outlines

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Dark & Light battle outlines

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 13, 2010 3:30 am

This is for my referencing in one thread for the battles in Dark & Light.
Please don't lock or screw this thread up. Thanks.

Great Idealogical War battle 1 statistics:
Aragorn wrote:The Sith invaded the planet Mustafar. Led by the Dark Lord himself, Aragorn, Dawn and X assisted on crushing the local population which was defended by Skorp, Shinobi/Anterias, Dray and Foster. The Sith won 50/42.

Great Idealogical War battle 2 statistics:
Bulldog wrote:The Sith are victorious today!
Tatooine conquered!

In a very close battle between the Sith and Jedi, the Sith managed to win by a narrow margin of 1 point with an overall score of Sith: 50 Jedi: 49. The Sith, led by the Dark Lord Nomad, were behind by only a few points through out the entire match managed to pull a very big come back by leading the Jedi for the win. The Jedi fought bravely but could not keep their momentum as the match ended with the Sith victory, but fought bravely none the less led by Jedi Master Bulldog. The Dark Lord did however take time out of slicing the Jedi to comment on the victory. "It was a very good tied match, but one of your players made a lil mistake, which changed into an epic one." The mistake Nomad refers to is the only teamkill that took place in the entire match (Unconfirmed). By accident, A Jedi jumped into the blade of his fellow teammate and was thus killed, bringing the Jedi down to 48 with Sith at 49. The next kill won the match for the Sith. The Jedi did not wish to comment directly on the teamkill but instead were good sports and claimed, "We lost fair and square, we just came short of a victory." Well there you have it folks, the Sith have managed to pull off another victory and it looks like the Jedi will have to work just a bit harder to win it the next time.

Victorious Sith Team: Nomad, Xzavier, Taters and Deadly.
Defeated Jedi Team: Bulldog, Squirrel, Skorp, Jacen and Frostbite.
Battle 2 in the story will be extremely epic due to the details. http://jvsclan.darkbb.com/great-ideological-war-f2/second-battle-results-t1139.htm

Great Idealogical War battle 3 statistics:
Dray The Fingerless wrote:The Sith conquered Vjun with a score of 50/40.

The Sith team:

The Jedi team:

It was a hot game, but sith leaned to victory

Great Idealogical War battle 4 statistics:
Bulldog wrote:Once again the Sit have beaten the Jedi. The Sith won the match with a total points of 50 to 40, leading the Jedi. The match was led mostly by the Sith, their lead spanning into a 10 point lead at some points. The Jedi tried for a rallying comeback at the end but to no avail as they were beaten back. Once again the Sith juggernaut has conquered yet another planet, this time the planet of Yavin 4.

Victorious Sith Team: 50
Nomad, Xzavier, Sw1ft, Behalok and SeƱor Beaner.

Defeated Jedi Team: 40
Bulldog, Dray, Anteril, M&M and Zohan...


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