Corruption of a Jedi

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Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:19 am

"I can't believe how much has changed in Three years..." said a voice. "Many things are different but many are also the same..." "I am a Jedi Knight, my friend Thing is still as well."

"It's hard to believe after three years he hasn't advanced yet, I suppose he'll do it when he believes he is ready."
"Aragorn is a Padawan now, his Trials for Knighthood are today aren't they? Well I wish him good luck and hope that he passes. Master Kami would be proud. It's sad that he had to leave that fateful day three years ago..."

"Hey! Dawn!!! Are you there!?" Shouted a Voice knocking on Dawn's Quarter's Door.

"Yeah just a minute Thing" Replied Dawn

The Knight got up from sitting on the window edge and walked over to the door to let his buddy in.

"Watcha need?" Asked Dawn

"The Masters Council told me to come and get you. They want you to head to the Council Room" Thing Informed. "I don't know why" he added.

"Maybe they want to promote me to Master?" The Knight said shrugging with a grin

"Yeah yeah whatever you say, Pal" Thing said in a Non-Approving Tone.

"Well we'll see when I get there." Dawn replied making his way through the corriders to the Council Room

"Hey Rsg" Dawn waved as he passed Rsg playing chess with Daaa

"Thats Master to you Knight" Replied Rsg

"Checkmate" Said Daaaa

"Why are we playing chess when we both dispise it?" Asked Rsg

"Beats me" Replied Daaa

Rsg knocked the Chess Board and Pieces off of the table and accidentally hit Kotor in the head with them.

"Sorry! are you okay Knight?" Asked Rsg

"I think you knocked him out" Said Daaaa

"Shit..." Said Rsg "No one saw anything! understand?"

"Help me lift him" Rsg told Daaa while trying to pick him up

"Damn he's heavy" Stated Daaaa

"Yeah...He needs to lay off those heavy Mandalorian meals..." Complained Rsg

"Well at least it isn't boring" Dawn said scratching the back of his head continuing his path to the Council Room

The Knight passed over a Window revealing the Outer Landing spot where new Sith Recruits were in two lines with the Dark Lord and Sith' Ari yelling at them

After ten minutes of walking he passed through a small courtyard with a statue that was relatively new. It was a Statue of Master Kamikaze. It contained a plaque at the base, the words "A Master, A Friend and A Father to all who needed it. A Sentinel in life, and in death."


"Hello" Dawn Greeted as he walked into the Council room

"You're a bit late, you know that?" Asked Iron

"Yes, Sorry master but I wanted to take the Scenic route" Replied Dawn

"Do you know what you're here for?" Asked Iron

"Uhm....I didn't blow up that droid" Said Dawn

"What Droid?" Said Champion glaring at Dawn

"Uhm...Never mind, So why am I here" Dawn said going over to a table and leaning on it

"You're here to fight Aragorn in a duel for his Trial to Knighthood" Stated Iron "Enter the duel room over there"

"Hello Dawn" Greeted Aragorn standing up

"Hello Aragorn" Replied Dawn

"Ready you two?" Champion said over a loud speaker in the other room.

"Yes" Replied Aragorn and Dawn simultaneously

"Okay, The Rules are, One, Don't kill your opponent, Two, Don't Maim them, Three, do not step outside the area and Four, The Duel ends when one combatant loses control of their blade" Stated Champion "Understood?"

"Yes" Replied both simultaneously again.

"Pad will be the referee" stated Iron

"Please take your spots on opposite sides of the field" Stated Pad stepping into the referee spot, "Begin"

At the sound of the begin both Aragorn and Dawn ignited their sabers, Aragorn's new Green Saber and Dawn's Blue saber. The Knight immediately went into a Soresu style to test the Padawan and draw him out. Aragorn attacked Dawn with a Ataru style Fan followed by a force-aided kick, Dawn blocked the fan but was knocked back by the kick. He immediately switched to a Djem-so Saber Combo and then a uppercut and a wide horizontal slash.

As Dawn took the offensive Aragorn backed into Soresu blocking every of The Knight's attacks and unleashed a force push to create some distance between him and Dawn, Dawn was prepared and nullified the force wave going into a double combo but was knocked back by Aragorn taking the offensive with another Fan followed by three double saber combos. The Padawan leaped over behind Dawn then used a force aided kick to knock Dawn down followed by a fan, Dawn was caught off guard by the kick and was knocked down but used his hand as a pivot and flipped around blocking the fan.

Dawn attacked with a left uppercut followed by a right horizontal slash then brought his saber down in another right slash ending up in a Saber Lock with Aragorn. The Padawan pushed the Knight away then hitted him with two force aided jabs to and a kick knocking the Knight down. Dawn switched into a Niman style with a slight fan followed by going back into Djem-so with two Triple slashes then a leap over Aragorn with a mid-air slash, Aragorn blocked the Mid-Air slash and was able to launch Dawn away before he attempted another attack in the air. Dawn was slammed against the wall by the wave and Aragorn leapt at him in hopes to disable him there. Dawn followed Aragorn's Leap with a leap of his own and they engaged into a saber lock-Mid Air- and were knocked back landing a few yards away from each other.

Damn, Dawn thought dropping into a Soresu stance to block Aragorn's methodical swings, I had hoped his skill would atrophe after joining the Jedi, but this... The Knight caught one of the Padawan's swings and held it there, sliding his body forward and elbowing him in the nose to gain some time to regain composure. The blow caught Aragorn hard and his nose started bleeding, but the Padawan did not lose his composure or stance.

I really hate that 'focus past the pain' thing the Sith teach, Dawn thought now locked in close with Aragorn, face-to-face, both blades so close that a mistake in either direction could kill or maim them. That was when Dawn noticed the blood, he had noticed it when he had struck the Padawan before of course, but now he really noticed so dark and full, so... alive.

Let's change that shall we? a voice inside Dawn's head suggested. The Knight seemed to recognize the voice, yet he couldn't place it, and it sounded almost sick, twisted. The voice laughed inside his head, I'm only what you made me.

Dawn smiled and he headbutted the Padawan, forcing Aragorn to loosen his grip and breaking the lock. Wait, he thought, shaking his head, I don't remember thinking about that move before I did it.

Of course not, the voice replied, getting some sort of disturbing glee out of the whole scenario, that's because you're losing control little Jedi. Dawn watched as his hand moved, shakily at first, then firmer. He tried gaining control, but it wouldn't respond, it was like he was a puppet someone had decided to pick up again. He continued to watch, horrified as his other arm, and then his legs started to move of their own accord as well, Let me show you how it's done. Suddenly it was like he was thrust completely out of his own body, still aware, but no longer in control. Like he was watching someone else move through their very eyes, and completely helpless to stop it.

The Knight heard his own voice laugh, and watched as his body leapt forward stabbing repeatedly at Aragorn. The Padawan was able to block most of the strikes with his Soresu, but was also forced to spin out and back to avoid a powerful overhead as Dawn's body landed. He felt his own neck twist from side to side and could hear his neck crack with each turn, he couldn't imagine what it was to look at him now, but the look on Aragorn's face said that Dawn's current state was anything but pleasent. Stop this! Dawn yelled inside his own head, seemingly pounding on the walls of his skull, This isn't right, let me out! But the protest went unnoticed.

The Knight watched as his body seemed to speed up and blur right and left before finally closing the distance to the Padawan. Aragorn brought his blade up in a block, but it was pointless, the Knight had stalled his attack and jumped over the Padawan, spinning around and sweeping out his blade. Aragorn ducked the blow and spun around to meet Dawn head on, but had barely enough time to bring his lightsaber up to block an overhead blow by Dawn, a blow he would repeat and repeat, trying to batter the Padawan's defenses.

Aragorn kept his lightsaber up, but he could feel his arms weakening under the barrage, he had to do something to restrain Dawn, this was going to far, and he had no idea if the Knight was even still himself anymore. In between one of the hits Aragorn shot his feet out and swept them thorugh the Knight's legs, knocking him face first into the ground. As Dawn fell Aragorn rolled out and jumped on the back of the Knight, grabbing his hands and holding them down with all his strength.

"Help!" Aragorn shouted, hoping the Masters Council had sensed that somethign was amiss as well. As if on cue a small group of Jedi Healers rushed and properly restrained the Knight, freeing Aragorn to get off, and just sit for a moment to catch his breath. Grand Master Iron walked to stand beside the Padawan and watch as the orderlies picked Dawn up and carried him away, snarling and snapping. "What's wrong with him?" Aragorn asked the Grand master.

"I don't know," he replied slowly, then looked at the Padawan, "and that disturbs me greatly."

Iron watched as Dawn writhed and yanked at the restraints holding him down, yelling at the people trying to help him, but the Grand Master thankfully could not hear what he was yelling. The Knight had been taken to the medical ward, and was in an isolation chamber. The chamber itself was in two sections. The main area, where the retraints and physical equipment was, and the observation area where all the testing equipment was, and where visitors could visit their friends at a safe distance.

Iron turned to the doctor, "What's wrong with him?" He asked walking to the man, "I've never seen him act like this before."

The doctor shook his head, "We don't know. All his vital signs are normal, and there doesn't appear to be any head trauma, but it's like he's a completely different person." The man looked out the observation pane, "There have been times when he appears confused, and lucid, but they never last long." The doctor put his finger to his chin and tapped absently, "It's almost like the Dawn you and I know is trapped inside his own body, while another mind is taking control."

Iron looked down at the Knight as well, "A split personality?"

The doctor shrugged, "It's possible, but if so it is the most unusual case of such I've ever seen. You see most of the time when someone has a split personality it manifests only at certain times, and sticks to that kind of schedule. It's also something that is permanent from birth onward, it doesn't just manafest like this." The man paced in front of the glass, "No I think this is something completely unheard of, like a literal manifestation of all his darker desires, but on a conscious level. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to wield a lightsaber with that degree of skill."

The Grand Master was growing impatient with the lack of straight answers, "Can you just give it to me straight doc?"

The doctor sighed, "I honestly wish I could, but we have no answers yet. We'll keep him overnight for observation, but you should go. There's nothing you can do here, and you need your rest. There may come a time that we will need you, and I don't want you half-asleep when that happens," the doctor finished with a slight smile.

Iron returned the gesture, "I guess you're right, but call me if anything changes."

The Grand Master turned and left leaving just the doctor and his orderly in the room. The doctor tried to stiffle a yawn, but couldn't, and the expression was picked up by his oorderly, "I think you should follow your own advice doctor. The tests won't be back for another eight hours, so you're not needed at the moment." The man tried to protest, but the orderly put up his hand, "We'll call you if anything changes, now go," he said getting behind the doctor and practically pushing him out of the isolation room.

"Doctors," he sighed in exasperation.


In Dawn's Mind...

"Who are you?!" Dawn asked

"I am you. A Stronger you." Said the Voice

"You're not me!" Shouted Dawn "You're a Monster!"

"I am the dark side of you, the side that isn't afraid of hurting people to get what they want" said the Voice

"Well what should I call you Monster?" Asked Dawn

"You are Dawn, I shall be Dusk" Said Dusk

"Well Dusk, Give me back my Body and disappear!" Shouted the Knight

"I'm afraid I can't do that, You see as long as I am in control one we shall do what I want" Dusk said "And I want to have some fun..."


Back in the real world


The bindings restraining Dawn/Dusk were broken in a blink of a eye and the Door was blown Down by a Massive force wave.

Dusk was running down the hall in a force accelerated run

"Halt!" Shouted two Guards

Dusk released a massive telekinetic wave catapulting the guards down the hall against the wall. 10 more guards ran into the hall behind Dusk

"STOP!" One Yelled

Dusk began his force accelerated run again launching through the halls. He reached the end of a corridor he released another telekinetic blast blowing the wall and jumping in to the Courtyard below.

"Dawn?!" Thing shouted in suprise


"Dawn is that you?!" Thing said

Thing stared at Dawn. He was shocked at how much that looked like Dawn but how much it also couldn't be him, It Looked more Evil, more Ferocious, more Insane then Dawn ever could be.

Dusk released a Force Wave at Thing knocking him back half way through the wall and unconscious.

The Jedi ignited their sabers and closed around Dusk. Dusk roared again and unleashed a force blast hitting everything around him and literally blowing the Jedi away. He then punched into the air releasing a wave knocking through several walls and began his running again.

To Be Continued.

//Okay Kami, can you do the part which we discussed? You know the Dusk bursts into Spanish's Private Quarters and fights him? My Brain needs to rest x.x


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:20 am

Aragorn sat in his room contemplating what happened to Dawn. He had seen Dawn explode three years ago, but not like this.... These thoughts carried him away to the fight Kami had with the Sith Destroyer. The image of the lightsaber sticking out through Kami's chest made him whence every time he seen it. Kami was more than a friend to him, he was a mentor..... more than Span was or Layfon. Neither of them particularly cared about the well being of their students, just how good they were with a saber.

Aragorn looked at his old lightsaber and activated it. It glowed the same orangish red he had created before. He brought his new lightsaber and decided to change some things. He remembered when Kami and him were fighting the droids and they both let out huge amounts of force energy, he wanted to model his lightsaber after that moment. Aragorn dismantled his lightsaber, and got to work. He first picked up a blue crystal and then a white crystal and thought of ways to combine them. He tried tools that he had found when he made his first saber on Tatooine but they were no good. He used tools from the Enclave to try and fuse them, but nothing. Finally, he put the tools down and tried to use the force to combine the two crystals and nothing happened. He thought if he could put an essence of himself into one and the essence of another into the other crystal, he could combine the crystals.

Right away, he rushed to Kami's statue there his lightsaber rested on the base. He began to focus on the lightsabers to see if there was any residual force left. Kami was a powerful warrior and he said powerful force users always leave traces. He began to reach out and he found the aura of the lightsabers pulsing strongly like Kami was still there. Aragorn knew he wasnt, but that didn't stop him from wanting Kami to be there, guiding him, teaching him how to be a Jedi. So far all he had proven was that he was good with a blade and had yet to receive a willing master. It was understandable, who would want to teach a former Sith Marauder. Kami would understand, he was in my position Aragorn thought. Aragorn looked around the room and saw where the walls had some dents left from when Layfon and Span attacked him. He saw lightsaber marks from where he first attacked Kami all because he was bored. If I had only knew then.....

"Aragorn?" said Champ

"Yes, master ?"

"Still grieving for Kami?"

"Yes. I know you told me not to linger over these things and that it could easily turn me back to my old ways but he was a mentor, a friend. I cant just let that go very easily..."

"I understand, he wasn't just your friend Aragorn, he was mine as well. You just have to remember to press on, he would want you to do that instead of lingering over the past."

"I will try Champ...."

Champ turned around and walked away. Aragorn refocused on absorbing some force energy from a saber. He did so and walked back to his room. Aragorn picked up the white crystal, symbolizing the pure white force energy Kami released in their fight against the droids and infused it with the force essence. The crystal began to glow a brighter white than before from all the force energy. He then picked up the blue crystal symbolizing the lightning and dark power he used that day and infused his own essence with it, making the crystal change color rapidly. Every time he thought of that last fight the crystal dimmed to almost a dark blue. It fluctuated with his emotions, like it was bonded to him. He grabbed both crystals, through the force and attempted to combine the essence hoping the crystal would combine. They did, producing a blinding flash of light. Aragorn tried to see but could only see spots. Once his sight recovered he beheld the crystal, shining bright white with pulsing blue streaks through it. He installed in his lightsaber, it fit perfectly. He activated the saber and the blade was white and just around the edges, you could see blue. Just like on the crystal, the blue was flickering always changing because he still had yet to control his emotions.

After he had completed his new lightsaber, he threw his old one out considering it as an item that held him back. It served as a reminder of his dark past and he didnt want to relive it anymore. Aragorn proceeded to the training room to see how well his new lightsaber worked..


Name: Aragorn
Lightsaber: Blue and white fused crystal paying homage to the loss of his friend.
Forms: His best form isSoresu, followed by Makashi, Shien and some Djem-So
Physical Attributes: Blue eyes,short brown hair. White skinned human.
Force abilities: Telekinesis is one of his strong points but his biggest is the ability to learn based off of observation. I.E. Battle Meditation and Cloaking.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:20 am

Anterias was taking his daily stroll trough the temple entombed in his thoughts about that last battle with the droids.

"If only they would have taken me with them things may have went differently...Or I might have died in the battle instead of Kami...Well it wouldn't have been a major loss for them.."

He stopped for a moment.

"No, I shouldn't think of things like that... It will only bring me anger.."

He continued his walk and met Aragorn who was on his way to the training chambers.

"Hey Ara what are you up to?"

"Oh nothing specific I just wanted to see how my new saber works."

"Well I can help with that." He said with a small smile on his face.

"Sure let's go."

They went to the training chambers and prepared for the spar with the traditional bow of course. Aragorn activated his saber it was a white color with blue streaks.

"Oh nice!" Said Anterias.

"Thanks I like that cyan color you picked for yours too" Replied Aragorn.

"Well let's get started"

Anterias and Aragorn where waiting to see who would attack first it was so because they both practiced soresu. Aragorn was superior in the form though. Anterias made a few steps forward looking the Padawan in the eyes. Waiting for the time to make his move.

"Attack already Ara." He said

"No need to rush it" He replied.

"Ha I'm just testing you to see if you have changed." Anterias said with a grin.

"Not at all." He replied with a fake smile.

// Okay Ara you can continue the spar from here.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:20 am

"No use anterias. You are going a wrong way. The patience of this one, althou a former Marauder, surpasses that of most in this temple."

A figure was looking up from a seat in the balconies of the training chamber.
His hilt still ready to ignite the crimson blade he possessed, and his gadgets, along with is car keys strapped on the belt. The beard was still there, along with the mighty moustache.

"Hey Dray didnt notice you there. Well, lets just let the fight stroll and we wil lsee if he is so patient" replied Anterias.

"Aragorn, did u see it?" as he got on his feet and made some stretchings ,Dray had been looking for Aragorn for some minutes ago.

"Yeah, i was in my room. It was a deja-vu moment. Did u see it?"

"No, but that kind of presence in the Force is unique. I trembled by sensing it again. I didnt know it was still alive inside him. And it is different...more powerful then when we faced it in the DAJ battle."

"Yeah i know....i hope we can contain it."

Anterias was puzzled at what the two had been talking about.
"What are you two yapping about? Common Ara, less talking, more fighting."

"OH NO HE DI'INT!"said Dray

"OH YES HE DID!" replied Aragorn, retreating to his Soresu stance. Aawaiting for his new blade to gain soem experience in battle.


"Life and power should be logarithmic"

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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:21 am

Meanwhile at the sith side of the complex,

Spanish was teaching new recruits the basics of shii cho.

"It's simplicity is it's strength and weakness. It is useful against multiple opponents. Personally, I do not use this style as much and rely on others."

Spanish was not a kind man to his recruits, after seeing a mistake, he would hit or strike them to correct the mistake.

"If you mess this shit up, your enemies will find you easy prey. You cannot afford these mistakes in battle"

The recruits would groan and try again, not wanting to face the Dark Lords Wrath. After the training Spanish entered his meditation room and muttered his mantra which was beaten into him by his old master.

"Absolute Perfection is what you must strive for, to do less will only make you weak"

Suddenly a knock on the door, Sinestra entered "My forgiveness master, I just wanted to check up on you"

"You don't need to apologize, just take initiative". Spanish replied.

"Well I was just wondering, Dark Lord, do you remember that battle 3 years ago, our last major engagement.

"Yes sin, we defeated many enemies and gained greater glory for our clan"

"Well, That Kami, he didn't deserve to die...he was a great Jedi"

"He was, but he's dead now Sin...let the worms feed on him"

"Spanish? Why must you be so cruel...he was a good man and risked everything to save a sith,"

Spanish looked at Sinestra, his cold eyes for once reflected sadness.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes Spanish" she replied

"I grew up in a very poor run down section of Coruscant" Spanish began,

"I never knew my mom or dad, I looked in the records and saw my mom was a jedi knight but died on a barren asteroid rock.

So I was left to fend for myself at a young age. Originally I read the holoflicks and wanted to be a great hero, just like Obi Wan Kenobi.

So I lived my life in goodness, always able to help the poor around my neighborhood and fight hood rats and gangs.

But One day would haunt me forever. I gave charity to my neighbor who lived a door down from my run down tenement.

While I was walking home, Several Hood rats came up to me and mugged and beat the living shit out of me.

I was convinced that if I lived by goodness, good things would happen to me. But that is not the case. Beaten down and broken, I walked home in tears,

another man asked me for whatever credits I had..I gave him all that I had left and walked sadly....but I never forget the words he said when he thought I was out of earshot

"Man, free credits...I can't wait to buy some death sticks" I knew then that this galaxy is a cruel one.

And the only way to even make a dent and better yourself is to become strong and don't help anyone

By helping them you weaken yourself and set yourself up for more misfortune. "

Sinestra asked "Spanish, what did you do after that happened"

"I went to my tenement and tore down every poster of my idol...I grew up. I went back and carried a small blade and hurt that bum who asked me credits...I hurt him a lot.

No longer would I be weak, No longer would my fate be as bleak. I resolved right there to become my mother"

Sinestra looked Spanish into his Dark Brown Eyes and saw only sadness and anger. She got up and left his meditation chamber


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:21 am

Aragorn stared into Anterias' eyes, studying him analyzing him like he did with all opponents. He lost focus for a minute and saw the blue edges of his saber fervently burning blue. If I am focused, the crystal works with me. Gotta remember that

"We can both stand here all day, Aragorn"

"Ha. I know you to well Anterias, you don't have the patience to stand here all day."

Aragorn smirked and watched Anterias waiting for his patience to wear thin. Ten minutes passed by, twenty minutes past by.

"Would you two just hurry up, I want to watch a duel not a staring contest"

Aragorn smirked Here it is. Anterias looked at Dray "Shut up, ok. I am trying to duel here."

Before Anterias turned his head fully, Aragorn was already right in his face. Anterias jumped because he was startled. He tried jumping backwards but it was to late, Aragorn hit Anterias square in the nose with his hilt, insult to injury, head games, his favorite.

"Patience isn't always essential as focus, Anterias"

Anterias rushed Aragorn, slightly annoyed that he lost focus. Aragorn began to block effortlessly, just like he had planned. There was a momentary pause in Anterias' flurry and he hit him again with the hilt of his saber.

"Come on Anterias, your a Jedi Knight, start fighting like it."

Anterias rushed again growing more annoyed every time he gets hit in the nose. Again, Aragorn did no attacking pure blocking. He wasn't testing Anterias' ability, that he already knew, it was his control of emotions and how they influenced him. Anterias didn't make a pause in his attack instead, jumping over Aragorn trying to do to an overhead slash. Aragorn blocked with one hand and head turned to the side, not even paying attention.

"LOOK AT ME WHEN YOU FIGHT ME!" Anterias said angry because he felt he wasn't getting Aragorn's full attention. Like he was a toy. Aragorn didn't move his head, instead kicking Anterias right in the stomach pushing him back two feet. Anterias jumped with another downward slash, fully expecting Aragorn to block again, big mistake. Aragorn sidestepped the attack and put his saber right to Anterias' throat.

"Calm down, your never gonna get anywhere with this anger."

"What would you do, being played around with like you were nothing?"

"I have been. Span and Layfon took pleasure in doing it to us all the time. The only difference is I am teaching you to control your emotions and how they can affect your thinking and your skills in combat. Clearly, you have seen anger gets you no where."

Anterias looked at Aragorn and deactivated his blade.

"I am the Knight I am supposed to be teaching you..."

"You maybe a Knight, but I studied under Kami more than I think he knew. Every time we fought or he would speak of the Jedi and there teachings, I would listen, observe and learn. It's amazing how much you can learn by observation. Don't forget, you were a Sith to once, I don't want you going down that path again... We have another person that may not be so lucky as you or I when it comes to controlling themselves.."

"What do you mean?"

"It will not be discussed here, Anterias. You will find out later. Take this as a lesson not as being used as a toy because you aren't that at all, you just need to see what your emotions can do when they get out of hand."

"Your one to talk. You had a girlfriend and you let rage consume you. You are a hypocrite."

Aragorn looked at Anterias,being reminded of of Kirstie and how Span ruined that... and how angry he felt. He also remembers it gets nowhere and is pointless to linger over. Aragorn deactivated his saber, clipped it to his belt.

"Yes, I haven't been the perfect person but that was a long time ago. People change Anterias."

"I am sorry, I was out of line."

"It's ok, its understandable and your making good progress you realized your fault and fixed it."

"Are you two done yet." said Dray who had just came back from getting snacks to watch the duel.

"Yes, we are done."

"Who won?"

"We both did, in a way."

"Well what a load of crap, you cant both win. How can I do hammertime for the victor if there is two of you. I cant do it twice."

"I have no desire to see you dance, Dray. Just because I am a Jedi now, doesn't mean I am beyond smacking you in the head for being stupid...."

Aragorn turned away to leave "And don't do it till I leave either" Dray froze in mid dance move

"How did you-"

"Good day, gentlemen."


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:21 am

//I'll introduce my new character soon. I wanted to post this so we can move forward if necessary.


The Knight ran to the hole he had just made, then stopped and looked back at his handiwork. The Knight had not been expecting the Pulse, and most were unconscious, what few that weren't had too much pain from broken bones to remain unconscious. Dusk smiled at the wonderful destruction, his only complaint that he couldn't remain and enjoy it longer, but the Masters would be coming soon, and if he wanted to really enjoy himself he needed to move on. A shame, but when they lock me back up in the medical ward I'll get to hear their screams at least.

Dude, that's sick! Dawn said inside his own head, Those are my friends you're talking about!

Not anymore, Dusk thought as he continued through the hole he had made in the wall. He ran and ran, but came across no one for a long while, he grew frustrated at the lack of opponents, and let loose a roar, "GAAAAHHHH! Where is everyone?"

Dusk looked around but could see no one, so he unleashed his pent-up rage at the nearest wall, blasting it apart in a shower of debris and rubble. He looked inside the room he had just blown open and saw a man sitting in a meditation stance in the center, Spanish, he thought with a wicked smile, now THIS will be fun!

As Dusk stood looking at the Dark Lord Spanish opened one eyelid, took notice of the intruder, and closed it again, as if the mental Knight posed no threat to him, "Get up," Dawn commanded, his voice warping as he said it, "get up and fight me!"

"I'm afraid that's impossible," Spanish replied, still not moving an inch. "You see in order for there to be a fight, you have to have two people that can actually harm each other."

Dusk's brow twitched in annoyance, "Get up and fight me or I'll slaughter you where you stand."

The Dark Lord sighed, "You're missing the point. I can't fight you, because there's no way you could even get close enough to hit me."

Dusk roared inarticulately and took a step forward, a step that would lead into an attack, if only he had gotten that far. As the insane Knight put his foot forward he felt a Blast lift him up and crush him against the ceiling. Dusk was dizzied by this, but when he regained his senses he realized he was being held to the ceiling, and as he realized that the grip vanish and he fell face first into the duracrete. He shook it off anf got up, more annoyed now then ever, "Just die already!" he yelled and lifted his hand throwing a Telekinetic wave at the Dark Lord.

Spanish didn't move, and in fact remained completely unmoved as the wave of Force energy hit and passed over him harmlessly. What the kriff?

You see, Dawn stated matter-of-factly, if you weren't so bent on destruction you would have realized you're in way over your head.

Dusk scoffed and pulled his arms back to charge another Force Blast, a more powerful one, but he didn't get to execute it as he hisbody was pciked up in a Force Grip, and hurled unceremoniously out of the room and into the wall. The impact jarred broke several bones, and put the insane Knight in a great deal of pain. So Dusk did not notice that Spanish had gotten up and walked over to him until the Dark Lord's hand closed around his throat and lifted his body off the floor. With a thrust the Sith slammed the boy into the wall and held him there.

"You should know better then to challenge me Dawn," the Dark Lord tilted his hand, "or maybe not. You don't feel like Dawn, you look like him, and your prescence is similar, but you're not Dawn." Spanish tightened his grip on Dusk's throat, elliciting a gasp from the boy, "So tell me. Just who are you?"

Dusk was grasping at the Sith's hand, trying to pry it loose, but it was like a steel bar had been welded there, "Dusk," he said with a gasp.

Spanish loosened his grip slightly, "Then tell me, Dusk. Your life is in my hands, whether you like it or not, for the moment I am your god, able to smite or reward you. But I'm in a generous mood today so I'll give you a choice. Die here, or join the Sith and serve me. Think fast though, my mood is always changing."

Dusk was starting to lose consciousness, he wasn't able to breath and his oxygen supply was quickly fading, but as the darkness came he used what was left of his energy and breath to say, "Yes.... master."

Dusk felt the pressure release, but he was already fading into unconsciousness and couldn't stop it, and as it finished closing in around him he heard Spanish say, "Good, but know this Apprentice: If you challenge me again, you shall receive no mercy, no pity."


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

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Darkness, all around.

Then suddenly, a wave of wind, enlightened in this full is smooth, peaceful, carries eempathy.

Suddenly, more waves, more fluxes surge, all enlightened. As if nature it self was in a party, celebrating.

The waves begin to follow a pattern. They show deifferent colors. Different paces...they give...different feelings.

Now whispers. Some fading, and some approaching.

Birds. Breezes. Nature surrounding him.

Calling for him. Hearing the leaves, the plants, the animals, The Zohan.

"Wait...what?" Dray suddenly opened his eyes, and lost his balance, falling off the levitation he was practicing. Falling down from the Tree nench he was on, and plummeting down the branches, giving a uuu or aah for every branch that ended up randomly hitting his head and body.

Zohan stared at the slow fall, shrugging at every hit, and finally Dray arrived in a blast to the bottom floor of the planet.

Pain. Soreness.....Medical attention.

"Hey Dray, i was calling you forever" As the Zohan stood looking from up to the fallen Jedi....

"Funny, cause i only heard u call me once, and seeing i was in deep meditation, i think i would be very concentrated in anything around me" Dray got up, scratching his butt, cheecking if evth was alright and not broken

"Urgh, that what do you want Zohanz?"

Dray wanted to know what was so important to make him fall off a tree bench 15 meters high. His butt was demanding explanations.

"Spanish caught Dawn....well, even thou he says hes not Dawn...hes calling himself Dusk or whatever"

"Yeah, thats not Dawn as u know it, its someone else. Im glad to hear this, i gotta report to Iron about it. The last time this thing happened was 3 years ago. Only me, Kami, Ara, and Thing witnessed it. We thought it had dissapeared forever..after all this time."

At this moment Dray noticed Zohan was playing with a lil gizka that was nearby, and had clearly found more fascination in the pet animal than in the horrid tale of the sore Jedi.

"Ok...i see the picture...dont come complain if someone shoop da whoops u one of these days....Zohan is dumb"

"UH UH, ur totally right Dray....ur a nice lil bugger, arent u? arent u?" He gained small affection with the lil beast.

"Bai Zohan"

"Uh? oh, cya Dray"

Dray headed towards the Jedi Temple.
In thru the great hall, where past Grand Masters were.

Past Kami's statue...If only you were here

In the opening to all the rooms and quarters of the Jedi Temple, various students were gathered, chatting, socializing, discussing.

"Ah everything seems intemporal here. i would give them a Hammer time for the show but, maybe later."

Talking, didnt see him stumble into Aragorn.

"UMPH...oh hey sorry Ara. Didnt see you there. They caught Dawn...well, he calls himself Dusk now"

"I thats what that evil thing is called uh? Who caught him?"

"Spanish...apparently he thought he could match up with the Dark Lord....Span gave him his personal NO NO. I must speak to Iron about what has happened to him since...i must tell him what we saw on The DAJ battle."

"Good idea...ill go with you then. Seeing as, only three people saw that thing before...and the third person is a Thing so....thats basically you and me for this one"

"Very well...then we go"

Aragorn stopped Dray for a moment.
"Where can we find Iron?"

"Ok wait a moment...." Dray closes his eyes and focuses again, like in the trees

Aragorn starts counting seconds

And at 5 Dray opened his eyes,"Hes in the Garden, near the south trees."

"God, you gotta teach me how to do that"

"Just use the Schwartz my friend! How did i do this time?"

"5 seconds"

"Not bad ahah."

Heading down the hallway that lead to the magnificent garden that had been treated and planted for many years, now filled with life the inner parts of the Temple. a lil escapade from all the trainings the Jedi endured.

"Master Iron" said the two jedis in unisson. gazing at each other, and soon going back to the point.

"Why hello young ones, what brings you to Iron?"

"We have something to tell you about Dawn..."


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:21 am

Name: Sarus Cloud
Age: 19
Species: Chiss
Skin Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Clothing: Tan and Brown Robes. No Cloak
Rank: Force Warrior(Equivilent: Jedi Knight)
Job: Jedi Shadow
Lightsaber: None. Uses hand-to-hand combat and the Force instead.
Force Level: High
Force Specialties: Flow-walking, Force Redirect
Ship: Blastboat(larger then a starfighter, smaller then a freighter) Name: Just My Luck

"Home sweet home," Sarus said to no one in particular as his ship emerged from hyperspace. He put the ship on auto-pilot and leaned back in his chair, putting his feet up and sighing in contentment. "Hard to believe it's been five years isn't it old girl," he said with a smile, "but we're finally back." He watched as his ship slipped into the atmosphere and circled the JvS Temple, waiting for clearance to land.

Normally he would have been upset at the long wait, but not this time. Sarus just wanted to take in the Temple in all it's glory. The Temple itself was largely the same as he had remembered it, a large building, very large considering it held the equivilent of two Academies within it's halls. The building had been made with two large landing pads placed in front of and to the sides of the main entrance, framing the entrance itself, while still conveying the split aspects of JvS. The Great Hall was the same for both sides, but it was one of the few areas that was, once inside the Great Hall you could choose to go left, right, or straight. To the left was the Jedi side, and to the right the Sith, each had separate dorms, training centers, meeting rooms, and meditation chambers. If you chose to go straight though you would come across the medical ward, gardens, courtyard, mess hall, and private hanger, the one used strictly by JvS members.

All this was the same as the last time he had seen it, but there were new spires up now, and as Sarus looked he saw the top of one rotate ever so slightly, "Defense towers," he said to the air. Because of the long hours of isolation Jedi Shadows had to they often developed coping mechanisms to deal with it. Sarus' was talking to himself, although he wasn't sure if that was slowing or speeding his way to insanity.

The ship dinged to let him know that they had procured landing clearance. Sarus took one last look at the scenery then stood and headed back to pack his things up. Another bad habit developed by long periods of isolation was the tendency to just not care where you left things, and while doing this gave you more time to yourself because you didn't have to worry about clean-up, it also had an annoying side effect of making things hard to find when you did need them.

Sarus finished putting things away just as the ship settled to the ground. He stood up and took a deep breath, it would be good to see his old friends, and meet some new ones as well. He hit a button and the ramp lowered, spilling fresh air and sunlight into a ship that hadn't seen such in a long time, he breathed deeply, taking in all the scents of home, both old and new. He thought he smelled a new kind of flower in the garden, "Nice to know Iron still knows how to enjoy life," he said to himself stepping down the ramp and out onto the landing pad.

He decided to skip the Great Hall for now, and instead headed straight for the side entrance to the courtyard. As he stepped through the archway he was greated by tall trees, stone benches, and trimed bushes. It wasn't as beautiful as a garden, but it was certainly a pleasant enough place to have lunch, talk, or just relax. Sarus was tempted to sit and enjoy it himself for a while, but his own perception wouldn't allow it.

Being born a Chiss is both a gift and a curse. On the good side you have amazing attention to detail, and a remarkable memory. On the bad side the observation comes with a powerful sense of curiosity, that and the physical traits made you stand out in just about any crowd. Chiss were born with blue skin, and glowing red eyes, and in the days that they first left the Ascendency they were often mistaken for Sith and Dark Jedi.

Sarus spotted a hole in the wall a few stories up, and some pieces of duracrete on the grass and walkway, not many, but some. Whatever had caused the hole had been fairly recent, probably the night before, but the sloppiness of the debris left on the ground suggested it was originally much worse then this. He looked around and his attention caught on the wall on the first floor across from the one on the third level. The pattern of wear in one area was much less then on the rest of the wall, so at least that part of his theory was correct.

The Chiss Leapt up to the hole on the third floor, and alighted right inside, carful not to disturb the edges of the hole itself. He turned and lowered onto his haunches to get a better look at the hole. Sarus noticed the jagged edges first, so he knew the hole had not been cut by a lightsaber, and also took note of the spread pattern and easily ruled out a vibroblade as well. Next he looked at the edges of the hole, they had multiple stress line through them, the kind created by blunt force, but there were to many for a small object to have done the job, so whatever had blown out the wall had to have been wide spread. Sarus waved and used the Force to lift a nearby rock off the ground that had been jarred loose, there were not scortch marks on it, so it hadn't been from a blaster or Force Lightning. He let the rock float down and looked up and down the hall he was in, it was blue and white, in soft tones, but also narrow and not very long, so he could rulle out a large object hitting the wall. All the left was, "A Force Blast."

"Hey!" Sarus heard a voice yell to his right, "Hey!" He looked up and saw a teenage Jedi running towards him, "Don't touch that," he said pointing at the rubble around the wall, "that's evidence."

"Don't worry, I used the Force to check out what I needed," Sarus replied standing up and thrusting out his hand for a shake. "The name's Sarus Cloud, pleasure to meet you...?"

"Zohan," he said tenatively taking the Chiss' outstreached hand, "Jedi Knight Zohan, lead Investigator in JvS."

"So what happened here?" Sarus asked putting his hands on his hips and surveying the scene again. He could recall everything he'd seen of course, and there was nothing more he could glean from the objects, but it seemed to make humans feel more comfortable if you didn't look them in the eye while talking.

"We had an incident last night," he began, then stopped and blinked like he couldn't believe he had just said that, "wait a minute, who are you? Why do you care?"

"Jedi Force Blasted the wall huh?" He replied nodding, "Must have been a problem with him. No signs of battle, no extra holes, and Jedi don't usually go around destroying things. So I'm guessing a mental problem since I don't sense an overly high amount of stress in the Force in this area."

Zohan stuttered, tried to form words, and then just looked at Sarus with incomprehension, "How the fierfek did you know that?"

Sarus laughed and patted the Knight's shoulder, "Don't worry, I do that to a lot of people." The Chiss stopped, and thought for a moment, "Well actually it's a toss up between confusion and anger, but the angry people are still confused." With that he started walking down the hall towards the Council room, not waiting for an answer.

After a few seconds of bafflement he could hear the Investigator's foot steps behind him, and heard the man mutter under his breath, "Nobody messes with the Zohan..."

Sarus continued watching, gazing out the windows as he passed on his way to the Council Chambers. The Temple was immense, and going anywhere on foot took a while, but he didn't mind, the joy in revisiting a place like this was in the simple moments where you could take in the beauty and changes. He smiled to himself, he had always been a sucker for things new and beautiful, having such a high degree of perception tended to deaden one self to the beauty of things, so no matter how impressive, you could always see the flaws, but it wasn't the same for new things. When you saw something new it was just a moment of taking it in, a moment of seeing no flaws, only the whole of the object, and art, well art was impossible to find a flaw in. It was an expression of a person's emotions and thoughts, and to claim that anything so base and subjective could ever be wrong, is to be pessimistic and depressed.

The Chiss was walking passed the gardens, admiring the view and the smells. It was both a he remembered and different nothing was missing, but plenty was new, so he stopped and just looked for a moment. There were dozens of flowers new, and he knew none of their names, but they were full and colorful, and so artfully placed. Perhaps the most prominent addition, however, was the Alzoc Oak in the center of the garden. The Alzoc Oak was unique from other trees, while most trees in oxygen environments produced a brown bark and colored leaves, the Alzoc Oak produced brown leaves and and colored bark, the bark color varried from tree to tree, and this one's was white.

"Your really like foliage don't you?" Zohan asked beside him, hands in the sleeves of his cloak, "I find you just outside the courtyard, and now you've stopped from doing something you made sound so important to look at a bunch of flowers."

Sarus smiled, "It's something unique to my species, I doubt you'd understand," he replied, not looking away from the garden. You really have done a good job Iron, he thought. Just then a presence tickled his perception and he saw the Grand Master walk from a doorway and sit on a bench under the Alzoc Oak, he sighed, closed his eyes, and tilted his head back, enjoying the moment.

An idea popped into Sarus' mind and he got up on the window sill in a crouch, steadying himself for a jump, "Woah woah woah!" His escort said rapidly, appraoching with his hands out in a warning way, "Where do you think you're going?"

Sarus smacked his head, "Right, I forgot," he waved his hand and placed a strong suggestion into the Knight's mind to go get food.

Zohan lowered his hands, "I'm hungry," he said, turned, and left without a word.

"Kami would kill me if he found out I'm using my powers like that," he said with a wry smile, then jumped without further delay. He overcalculatd the jump and ended up much higher then he had desired, but still roughly over the spot he had wanted to land on. The Chiss narrowed his profile and dove through a small hole the leaves, landing on a branch part way through the tree, but not disturbing enough leaves to draw attention. To anyone listening it would sound like a breeze had simply blown through the tree, and most weren't smart enough to question if they had felt a breeze at the time they heard the leaves move.

Sarus swung down lower in the tree, making sure not to rustle many leaves, and keeping out of sight until he was just barely able to see Iron right below him. He had planned to jump down beside the Grand Master, and get a few kicks out of his reaction, but as he went to do so he heard a couple people approaching. The joke would be no good if anyone else was involved, so Sarus decided he would wait out the conversation and act then, Who knows, with him in deep thought it might be even funnier.

He leaned back against the trunk of the tree and listened with half an ear to the conversation. They seemed to be talking about someone named Dawn, and some sort of rampage he went on, but Sarus knew neither so he didn't pay much attention. Then things got interesting, he leaned forward at first because he had finally heard a name he recognized, but then the actual topic became of interest to him.

"Hmm," Iron was saying, his fingers on his chin, "so it has happened before. How did Kami stop it then?"

The Padawan shrugged, Sarus remembered he had mentioned his name was Aragorn, "He just lashed out with one solid kick and it snapped Dawn out of it."

"Are you sure the two incidents are related?" Iron said looking both Jedi in the eye.

The Knight spoke this time, he had said, in a very grand way, that his name was Dray Kury-So, "Normally I wouldn't be so quick to assume this, but the voice." He shivered, "I'll never forget that voice. He didn't remember after either, and when it stopped it was so sudden, like someone had thrown a switch in him. The incidents have more in common then is coincidental."

The Grand Master steepled his fingers, and remained silent a few moments, "Yes, I would have to agree. True coincidences are rare, especially where the Force is concerned, and if they are connected then it is quite possibly the first occurance in the boy." He looked at Dray, "Tell me, what precipitated this incident?"

"I wish I knew," the Knight responded slumping a little, "by the time we got there he was nearly catatonic, and right after is when the 'episode' occurred. I asked Thing when he awoke, but he said he had been knocked out in the middle of the fight, and that Dawn had been rendered inable as well when he lost consciousness. I wish I could say that I sensed something before-hand, but it we were just so busy with our own problems that we didn't notice until it was too late."

Iron nodded, "And you Padawan," he said looking at Aragorn, "did you feel anything of the dark side when you first arrived? Anything abnormal?"

Aragorn put his hand to his forehead, "That entire day was filled with both sides of the Force, so anything subtle would have gone completely unnoticed. The only thing I know is that when he came out of his fetal position the dark side swirled around him, and when Kami kicked him it just disappeared, and not in the normal way." Aragorn said placing his hand on his knees and staring at the ground, "It didn't dissipate, like it does with most Jedi and Sith, it was like it wasn't even there, like it never had been."

"So it's not just a split personality," Iron said crossing his arms and leaning back, "a split personality would still have residual traces. No this is different. As if there are two actual people inside him, like he not only created a personality, but like he walled it off as well. Splitting his dark emotions from his light ones."

"Is that even possible?" Dray asked.

"With the Force it is, with the Force anything is possible," Iron replied.

"Except solving this problem," Dray said half joking to lighten the mood.

"No," Iron said lifting an arm, "even that is possible." With a powerful thrust the Grand Master elbowed the tree and shaking the trunk all the way to the top.

"Oh stang," Sarus said loosing his balance and falling head first at the ground. He saw the ground rushing up at him, but his reflexes were still sharp even after a month inside his ship, and he managed to snag a branch with his feet, stopping himself a few feet from the ground, but now fully vissible to all three Jedi. Aragorn had his eyebrow lifted. Iron was sighing over the ordeal. And Dray was rolling on the ground laughing.

Sarus scratched his head, not quite sure what to do or say, so just went with the basics. He waved at the group, "Yo."

Dray laughed even harder at this, though Sarus was at a loss as to why, so they waited until the Knight got himself under control and composed. After Dray stopped giggling Iron finally spoke, "Warrior Cloud, so good of you to join us."

Aragorn finally spoke up, "Umm who the kriff is that?" He asked simultaneously pointing at Sarus and staring at Iron.

"His name's Sarus Cloud. He's one of the few Force Warriors to ever come out of our Order, as well as being one of, if not the only, Jedi Shadows we have." Iron said spreading his arms along the top of the bench, "He's annoying, cocky, seldom listens," the Grand Master sighed, "and is exceptionally good at what he does."

Sarus flipped down and out of the tree, landing on his feet and putting his hands on his hips, "Come on Iron, you know you love me," he replied putting his arms out to either side in a what-can-you-do gesture.

Dray's lips curved in a smile, "I like him already, but on a more important note. What is a Force Warrior?"

"A Force Warrior is a Jedi fully versed in using the Force as a combat tool. They also have a wide array of Force powers, more then other Jedi, more then me or Champ." Iron replied, "The trade off is that they tend not to have any sort of proficiency with a lightsaber, or as in Sarus' case here, don't have one at all."

"And how does this help us exactly?" Aragorn asked eyeing the man suspiciously.

"He's also the only Jedi we have that can flow-walk," Iron said standing. "If you really wish to find out what happened to Dawn three years ago, then go with him, and return to the Dark Angel Academy. Tell them what you wish to do, and I'm sure they'll allow you access," Iron finished walking off.

Sarus just smiled and tilted his head to indicate the landing pad, "Shall we go then?"

"Go-go?" Dray asked.

"Dancing?" Sarus replied with a grin.

"Hammertime!" Both shouted pointing at each other as they danced.

Aragorn pushed between them, "I'm surrounded by idiots," he said blowing his breath up causing his hair to pop.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:22 am

Meanwhile at the Sith Academy

Jacob was dueling Stamp in the training room. Jacob was always a cocky man, using his acrobatic prowess and staff to dominate. Stamp was on his toes trying to probe his way past Jacobs flurry of attacks.

"It's useless stampy boy, My staff will easily overcome whatever slim chance of hope you got" Jacob proudly stated

"A good strong attack will always overpower a staff" Stamp replied as he somersaults over a horizontal strike and uses a force push to buy more time.

Be patient Stamp, I know it's hard especially for a sith who wants to end things quickly and efficiently as possible. He will mess up

Suddenly, huge invisible hands enclose on Stamp's neck like a vice. Jacob easily flip kicks stamp and twirls him around like a rag doll.

"What a joke, you can't even get out of this...your life will be over now in just a few moments" Jacob roared.

Stamp, losing consciousness, used the last vestiges of his force reserves to pull jacob and get out of his grip.

Jacob, suprised, had little time to react as Stamp flip kicked off of Jacob, who fell on his back. Stamp then threw his saber which knocked Jacob's staff to the ground and severely scars jacobs hand.

Utterly exhausted, Stamp falls down on the floor as he hears jacobs swears.

"Heh, I'm impressed...didn't know Stamp had what it takes to defeat Jacob"

Spanish was observing the duel take place through a looking glass. He then exited the door and walked towards Jacob, who was still swearing like Cartman.

"You'll live, I have to say I am impressed with your staff work, but the only advice I can give you is to be more patient. I know it's hard for us sith who love battle and love ending things quickly, but the Jedi are planners, don't tell me you're weaker than a jedi..."

Jacob, angry at this prospect, swore even more but he knew what Spanish told him was wise.

Heh, I love manipulating them to do what I want...I can mold them into an elite fighting unit

Spanish ordered Jacob to go get stitched up at the Medical ward and force pushed him out the door. Stamp still lay there on the floor, pale as the moon,

Spanish immediately lifted him up via telekinesis and send him to the Medical ward.

"Now that they're gone..I'm gonna go back into my room"

Spanish's room was what one would call "Bitchin" With a bar stacked with many wines, ales, and rum, with a free robotic bartender who Spanish can shut up, a Holovision set with virtual games, A hot tub, and bed.

Spanish wasn't interested in these and walked to his bed. Above his bed on the wall was a katana with a black gold embroidered hilt. This katana had a cortosis weave to block lightsabers, but Spanish still used a lightsaber since it was stronger with a qinoxi crystal embedded in it as well as a Damind Crystal and top of the line Lens, Emitter, etc.

But Spanish looked at the katana with wonder, this truly was a special one. He acquired it from a white haired swordsman on Correlia known as Sephiroth. It was called Masamune. Spanish beat him in an intense duel and the katana was infused with his own Dark side energy.

This Dark Side Energy shot of red sparks and lightening on its sharp edge. Spanish, like all sith, enjoyed the prospect of watching an opponent bleed to death.

"I think I'll try it out on Dawn" Spanish said as he took the katana...


"Life and power should be logarithmic"

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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:22 am

Meanwhile on the Sith side of the academy..

Dusk was roaming around...
"You're lost aren't you?" Said Dawn inside of their head

"Shut Up, I'm never lost..." Responded Dusk

"...Try taking a left?" Dawn suggested

"I do not take orders from you" yelled Dusk
"It was a suggestion" Responded Dawn
"Aw shut up" Dusk said taking the left
"This looks so different from the Jedi side.." said Dawn
"I think I'm just blowing up a few walls" Dusk said
" No blowing stuff up" Said Dawn
"Shut up" Replied Dusk
"Whatever, hey look! someones coming, ask him for Directions!" Yelled Dawn

"Hi Dawn" Said Xzavier
"Hi worst Sith Lord Ever, and it's Dusk, not Dawn" Responded Dusk as he walked straight into Xzavier

"Watch it!" Yelled Xzavier

"I don't obey weaklings" responded Dusk walking away

"Is that a challenge?" Xzavier said

"If you want it to be" Dusk said baring a evil grin

"Well prepare to get your ass whooped!" Xzavier said

"Don't you mean yours?" Dusk said

Xzavier ignited his staff and charged at Dusk with a Ataru Fan hoping to own him since he had not drawn his saber yet. Dusk laughed and launched a telekinetic wave at Xzavier half way through his charge knocking him flat on his back.

"Pathetic" Dusk laughed as he watched Xzavier get up and repeat his attack.

Xzavier ran at Dusk dodging the next Telekinetic wave by jumping over it then brought his blade down upon Dusk. Dusk ignited his saber and blocked it then went into a Djem-so uppercut followed by a triple combo. Xzavier blocked the Uppercut but then was knocked off his feet and picked up in a force grip by Dusk.

"I say it again, Pathetic" Dusk roared as he threw Xzavier through a wall into a room where Sinestra was testing some new Sith recruits with their saber skills.

"This might be good..." Sinestra thought

Dusk looked at the recruits staring at him

"Do one of you want to be next?" He said causing the recruits to flinch and Look away at a wall

While Dusk was scaring the recruits Xzavier charged up behind Dusk and sliced his left arm off.

Dusk looked back at Xzavier

"You know when they mean Disarm they don't mean it Literally right?" Dusk said as he knocked Xzavier in the head with the back of his Right elbow.

Dusk switched to a one handed style of Djem-so attacked Xzavier with a Double combo followed by a uppercut and a downward slash ending with Xzavier countering them with his own combo and a saberlock between the two.

"Now this is unfair, I only have one arm, and you have two" Dusk said "I think we should even the odds..."

"What?" Xzavier said confused

"Just this" Dusk Responded

Dusk broke the saber locking and slashed at Xzaviers saber going through half of it and slicing half of his right arm clean off. Xzavier fell back and collapsed in pain as he grasped his damaged limb.

"To tell the truth, I've always wanted to do that" Said Dawn

Dusk grabbed Xzavier using the force again and then launched a telekinetic wave and launched Xzavier back out into the hall way. He then stepped back through the hole and tried to find his way to his room again.

"Why the hell didn't you ask for Directions from him or anyone in that room..." Said Dawn

"Quiet you" Dusk responded


//Whoever is posting I'm posting a "AfterMath" after this since Xzavier wants me to. Basically what happens to him after this fight =.= I.e. some talking, him going through medical room, barely survives he wants it to say, blah blah.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:22 am

"So.....its come to this has it?" Dray was giving a penetrating stare at his opposite side.

"Yes it has.....its the final showdown" Sarus's eyes lunged at Drays stare...both looks trying to beat each other...

Both the Jedis start tilting their heads to the side, as if a spasm had gone over them. left...left.. left...

And Suddenly, in a high tone voice, Dray shouted:

"CAUSE THIS IS THRILLER! WOO HOO! THRILLER NIGHT!" as both men danced a inconventional way, Aragorn could do nth more then Facepalm and approach slowly the two of shaking hips side to side, and making strolling moves to the front, left right left right.

Suddenly, with aid of the Force, Ara slapped both the back of their necks, and made them hit the floor face down

"OUCH!" said the duo dancers.

"That hurt ara"

"Yeah that hurt man"


"ship? SHIP? that is no ordinary ship....ITS THE BABY CHIKITA! she has a name you know?"

"okay...There is no emotion, there is peace, there is no emotion, there is peace...."

"ok ok, we will get to it"

Dray, Aragorn and Sarus had been for the past hour, packing up supplies, technological gadgets needed, and armory for...surprise events.

They were about to take the Baby Chikita, the ex-smuggler ship, and fly to planet DAJ where they would retrace the steps of the fatidic battle they went into, and find any clues to what made Dawn...into Dusk.

Master Iron decided to come check on them before they left. Arriving close to them, the three were so busy, they did not notice the old master's presence...

"Hello boys"

"oh, didnt see you coming there iron" Sarus directed himself towards the Grand Master "We are finishing packing up, and we will soon be in our way, is there anything else you wish?"

"I came to speak to you careful with the Force in that planet...the battle left...dark scars on it...take care with what you find there. Dont put yourselves into unnecessary danger."

"Oh, no worries Iron, im sure nothing bad could happen like that...we will take care..."

"I also careful with your flow afraid things could get rather.,...alive in your insurgences....just dont risk yourselves too much."

"Yes master."

"Hey Iron, who will be in the communication center to answer our calls, you know, in case we need anth, or anth is needed here.." Dray had come out of the ship to ensure he had a stable communication with the JvS Temple.

"I believe that Skorpion is there...."

"Oh goodie....We can play 'I spy' hehe"

"Our communication system is not a toy Dray..."

"Of course not Grand Master, who said otherwise?"

"Right...have a good trip off to teaching some padawans. May the Force be with you"

"May the Force be with you Master" said Sarus, heading to load the final crates into the crimson ship.


"Thing? what is it?"


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:22 am

"I heard you guys were going back to the DAJ planet, to see what happened with Dawn..."

"Yes, and?"

"I was there, when me and Dawn nearly died with that Sith....and i was there when he turned into that monster....i think i should come with you guys." Thing llooked up to Samus and Aragorn who were staring at him, and Dray was at the loading ramp of the ship.
"Can i come with you guys? i can give you some more cover if we get into trouble, and since i was kind of a witness too....i think you guys could use me."

"Well i dont know Thing, this is some serious stuff, and i dont want you getting in trouble with Iron and stuff.." said Sarus, afraid of what the lil Jedi could go thru.

"Let him come..." suddenly Dray had come closer, and walking towards the group, he spoke in Thing's defense."Let him come....he is a Jedi Knight, that means hes perfectly capable of taking care of himself....and besides, i have a hint that you may be of more use than any of us. Dawn was carrying u from the desert when he became that monster...whatever turned him into that, was probably because of ur battle...i think you may help finding the answer."

Sarus and Aragorn looked at each other, thinking about Dray's words, and both agreed that the lil Knight would join the team, and depart with them.

"Ok Thing, you can come but...keep the annoying and the play time minimum ok? i already get enough from these two and their stupid hammer time..."

Dray and Sarus were about to start sth"HA..."

"DONT EVEN start it ok? not while im around please."

And both tilted their heads down.

"So Thing, you think your up to the job?" said Sarus

"Damn straight i am."

"Good, then i guess you wont find much trouble carrying the rest of the crates into the ship."


"Make it fast too..."


After Thing had finished carrying the last stockpile of ammunition into the loading bay, he boarded into the ship, and sat next to Aragorn and Sarus in the furhter part of the cockpit.

"Ok ladiez, this is my ship wich rules. No spitting, no breaking any stuff...and above evth....dont drive it. This is my baby girl, treat her with respect. ok?


"Time to go ladiez...hold on to your panties."

Dray started to fire the electronical management system, firing a big bunch of lights on the dash board. after switiching one or two flicks, he turned on the engines, wich started roaring, and After heating them up. Proceeded to lift off.

"Here we go!"

Dray turned on the turbo, and blasted out of the hangar, knocking down some knights who werent expecting the shock wave.

"That niggas crazy!" as the knights stood back up

Inside the cockpit, everyone was glued with their heads to their seats, as Dray went enthusiastic


"Dray....could u,...slow...down...a bit...plssss!" Thing was smilling, simply because the muscles of his jaws were overthrown by the Gforces the Baby Chikita was pounding on his body, wich made his lips retract to the back of his tthroat.

The ship faded away from the temple, as spectators saw it fly off into the distance, and disapearing into the stars, heading to planet DAJ.

"May the Force be with you young ones" said master Iron, who resumed his trimming of bushes in the majestic garden of the Jedi Enclave.


"Life and power should be logarithmic"

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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:23 am

"And now the boring part of the trip," Dray said flipping a few switches which would put the Baby Chikita on auto-pilot. "I really wish hypersapce required real-time navigation," the Knight spun in his chair to face his three companions. Thing still had a vice grip on the chair from Dray's wild flying, and was coming out of the position slowly, as if he expected Dray to drop them out of hypersapce and navigate a minefield. Aragorn was mostly composed, but still a bit pale from the experience, he had obviously been nervous about the flying, but he hid it well.

Sarus though, unlike the other two, had a smile on his face from ear to ear, "This may sound cliche, but.... Let's do that again!"

Dray remained serious for a moment then cracked up, "I can tell we're going to get along just fine Sarus."

Thing and Aragorn looked at each other. "We're gonna die aren't we?" Thing asked.

Aragorn looked away from Thing and back at Dray and Sarus. Both were leaning over the control panel, talking in hushed but excited voices, "I think that's entirely possible."

"Check mate," Thing said moving his Bishop to take Dray's Knight.

Dray looked at the board for a moment, then frowned in concentration, "I think I hate this game now."

Thing leaned back in his chair, quite confident after the successful match. "That's what happens when you challenge a master of Battle Meditation to a strategy game," he replied with a smile.

"So you've gotten to the point where you can do it out of meditation?" Aragorn asked moving his Rancor to take Sarus' Howler. The two were playing dejarik and so far the game looked entirely in favor of the Padawan. "Careful," he said truning back to Sarus, "one more piece and I win."

"Yeah," Thing said sitting forward again, "I finally got it to work while fighting about a week ago. Master Iron says my lightsaber skills should steadily increase now," he shrugged, "but I haven't noticed anything so far."

"You will," Sarus said moving his Vornskr in front of Aragorn's Rancor. "Your ability to predict the movements and emotions of others will become more natural with practice, and in time your lightsaber abilities may rival that of a Guardian." He took one last look at the board and seeming satisfied with his move place his hand together in front on him, "Your turn."

Aragorn did a double take at the board, then looked up and smiled at the Force Warrior, "What did you want it to be painless?" He asked as he hit the key to move his Rancro to attack, but something strange happpened. The board blanked out, then popped up with a message reading, "Blue Wins." The Padawan blinked rapidly, rubbed his eyelids, and looked again, complete bafflement across his face, "How the kriff?"

Sarus smiled, "Dejarik isn't like chess, there is no check, no restraint on your moves if your next move leaves your king, or in this cae your beast-rider, open to attack. It just calculates your movements, and if that movement results in your defeat, then you lose. It's one of the few games I like, other strategy games tend to warn you of impending danger, but dejarik treats it like a real battle field, where only by seeing all aspects of the battle can you hope to win."

Aragorn scratched his head, "Yeah I get that, but how did you do it?"

"Remember that Nexu I set to lock-on at the beginning of the game?" Sarus replied pulling up a recording of the match, "I set it to lock-on to your beast-rider. It seemed like a waste of a piece at the time, especially for an opening move, it's permanent for a piece until it takes it out, and makes it immobile, but it does have the advantage of not requiring a turn to use."

The Padawan looked at the board, "Yeah but that doesn' answer my.... wait." Aragorn took over the recording and fast forwarded it to the end, "Fierfek!"

Thing was puzzled now, "What is it?"

Aragorn leaned back and put his hand through his hair, "He planted the Nexu as a trap, then proceeded to draw out my pieces from their defense around my beast-rider, offering a chance to take out each one at some point. My Rancor was the last piece I had to defend from the Nexu's angle, so he put a piece that would have won me the game right out there to grab."

Sarus nodded, "Yes. Soresu practicioners are very careful, they keep a strong defense up and chip away at you until they see an opening to end the fight. It's an extremely good strategy, but it is very predictable. By playing aggressive I seemed to fall into his trap very easily, and as such he didn't view me as a threat after I lost my first two pieces. So at the end, when he saw an opening, he didn't look at it too hard, and lost because of it." He shrugged, "Simple psychology really."

"I never told you that I use Soresu," Aragorn said eyeing Sarus suspiciously.

"You didn't have to, each person has different movements, and as they get stronger in a particular Form they start to reflect it in the way they talk and move."

"How did you know I wasn't faking it?" Aragorn asked crossing his arms, "I know you're a Chiss, and I know Chiss are very observant, and by your own admission I'm very careful. So how did you know I wouldn't anticipate you reading my mannerisms, and change them to throw you off?"

"I didn't," Sarus replied, standing and walking over to the fridge, "that's why I tested it on a game board and not in the middle of a fight."

Aragorn leaned forward, "And how do you know I'm still not faking it?"

"I don't," the Force Warrior replied opening a Jovian Ale. "There's no way to know anything for certain, there is always the possibility that someone smarter then you is playing you, but if you start believing that you end up paralyzed by your own thoughts."

Thing clapped his hands to break the tension, "So maybe that's enough board games for one trip," he said forcing a smile.

Dray smiled too, "I agree. Why don't you guys spar for a while, work off all that energy you've been keeping pent up."

"Sounds good," Aragorn said, standing and stretching as he said it, "I could use a good body workout after all this mental exercise."

"Me too," Thing said getting up.

"I'll pass, thanks," Sarus said heading to a seat beside Dray.

"Same here, I have to keep an eye on things up here," Dray explained indictaing the ship's control panel. "But feel free to go at it you two, training sabers only though."

"Of course," Aragorn replied unhooking his lightsaber and leaving it on his seat as Thing did the same.

Both headed over to the small armory and picked out a training saber, Aragorn chose a light blue blade while Thing chose a light green one. They headed over to the open area between the game table and the kitchen and bowed to each other. Aragorn brought his hilt up in a two-handed grip in front of him and activated the blade to show he was ready. Thing remained as he was, hands at his side, and ignited his own blade pointing down ever so slightly.

"500 credits on Thing," Sarus said over his shoulder to Dray.

Dray flipped a few switches and smiled, "You're on."

Thing charged at Aragorn with his blade still pointed down. Aragorn was confused by the move, and when Thing got within range slipped to the Knight's none blade side and swung sideways, hoping the shock he received would make him be more careful on the next attack. But just as he started his swing Thing flipped up and over the attack, spinning and bringing his own blade in with a hard single-handed strike.

Aragorn switched back to Soresu immediately and blocked the strike, then the next few randomly placed strikes. It looked like Thing was going to fall into the trap and exhaust himself, but the Padawan noticed something odd. There was less and less time between the swings from Thing, and he was having a harder time blocking the Knight, so he looked at Thing directly and noticed he was getting closer as he swung, gradually closing the distance until they were almost nose to nose.

Thing engaged a saber lock, pinning Aragorn's lightsaber out from his center. The Knight put his foot forward and behind the Padawan, then leaned in, tripping Aragorn and sending him to the deck. Thing continued his step and spun, swing through the space where Aragorn had landed, but the Padawan was already out of area and on his feet a few feet away. Aragorn had felt himself about to fall and placed a hand behind his back, so that when he fell he could use his hand as a spring board, and jump out of the way before the second blow could land.

Dray's eyebrows lifted in surprise, "Didn't expect that. He just used Shii Cho, and well I might add."

Sarus leaned forward in excitement, "I may not use a lightsaber, but I can see why most Jedi and Sith do. It really is an incredible site to behold when two experienced users fight."

Aragorn and Thing seemed oblivious to the dialogue between Sarus and Dray. "Quite tricky of you Thing," Aragorn said bringing his lightsaber back up into a defensive position, "I don't remember you improvising like this before."

Thing twirled his lightsaber, "Everyone underestimates me, they always have." He stopped the lightsaber in a backhand grip, "I can't really blame them, I have been a push-over for a very long time. I really should have achieved Master by now, but I could never quite get the hang of my blade. About two months ago I decided to change that, I've been training six hours a day, every day since then," Thing flourished his blade flicking it back and forth between his hands, deactivating and reactivating when it wwas about to pass through him, then tossed it up and caught it in his starting position again. "And you know what I learned? I'm not the best, the birghtest, or the most talented fighter we have, but I do have an uncanny ability to keep myself from failing. I may trip," he said lifting the blade in front of his face, "but I don't fall."

Thing moved right, left, then right at Aragorn, as if attempting to over-power the Padawan, but right before he came in range he let his feet slip forward and fell on his back. His momentum continued to bring him forward and under Aragorn. The Padwan went wide-eyed and jumped up to avoid swing from below, it was an instinctual reaction, and therefore he could hardly be blamed for having jumped to high and slamming his back into the ceiling.

Aragorn gasped in pain as his back hit the bulkhead, but he knew he couldn't let it distract him. Thing was still waiting right below him, so the Padawan tucked in and Force Pushed himself to the side, flipping to the right, and landing on his feet with his lightsaber at the ready. With a smile he went on the offensive, using powerful Djem-So strikes to try and tire Thing. Thing switched to his defensive Shien style, but he was less practiced in it's use and could barely keep up with the counter swings, much less go in for an attack.

"They're going at if as if their lives depend on the outcome," Sarus said still mesmerized by the feats the two men were employing.

"They always do," Dray replied spinning his chair around to watch himself, "it's Master Iron's philosophy to never underestimate your opponent. To always give it your all so that your skills never wane."

"Yes, he's always been one for practicality," Sarus commented, chin in hand, "but still. This can't be healthy, to be so serious all the time."

Dray simply nodded and continued to watch the fight.

Thing was being pushed back into a corner by the strength of Aragorn's blows, and the Padawan's experience with Djem-So, Looks like I've got no choice, Thing thought. The Knight blocked and leapt back, then turned and ran. Aragorn followed in close pursuit, fully aware that Thing may have been leading him into a trap. Thing ran striaght at the wall, then planted a foot on it and pushed off back to the center of the room.

Aragorn dropped into a Soresu stance, expecting the Knight to attack while in mid-air, but Thing just continued over and landed behind the Padawan, rolling as he hit the ground and coming back to his feet six feet away. He dropped into a Shien stance as he got to his feet, and just waited for Aragorn to attack. Aragorn smiled at the attempt, "You think you can out wait me Thing?"

Thing didn't respond, in fact the Knight looked as if he was completely unresponsive. His eyes were closed, and he wasn't moving at all, it was as if he had fallen asleep standing up. Aragorn's brow twitched, but he waited nonetheless. A minute passed, then that minute turned into five, then to ten, So maybe he can out wait me, Aragorn thought still annoyed, he's not Span, Layfon, or Kami though so I can probably get away with attacking and dealing with whatever counter attack he has.

Aragorn jumped in then right back out of range, but nothing happened, so he went for a direct attack. The Padawan used Force Speed and closed the distance in the blink of an eye, then with Force aided strength swung with everything he had hoping the attack would break any block with the power it had. Thing's eyes snapped open and he countered the swing with a swing of his own, using the same exact power Aragorn had. The swings cancelled each other out, leaving the blade immobile for half a second. Thing continued the motion though, with his body he slid to Aragorn's left side then brough his blade down and across.

Aragorn, surprised by the move pushed back on his left foot and pushed himself out of range just as the swing came down, but Thing wasn't finished there. The Knight Force Sped after and reversed the swing back the way it had come, hoping to catch the Padawan off-guard. Aragorn pulled in and used the Force to spin himself up and over the second swing, landing him on Thing's left on his feet but low to the ground. The Knight continued the swings momentum, spinning himself around, then stopping and pushing off in a lunge at the Padawan. With one final burst of energy Aragorn leaned back and lashed out with his own lightsaber, finally scoring a hit on Thing's neck. He felt a moment of triumph, but quickly felt a huge jolt of electricity shoot up his left arm.

Both men spasmed and let go of their blades, causing them to shut off. They sat back and just breathed in for a few moments, then laughed and fell back.

"Nice hit Ara," Thing complemented between breaths, "I didn't think anyone could react that fast."

"You too," Aragorn replied, "I have no idea where you learned that move but it's a good one."

Thing took a few more breaths then sat up, "Kami taught it to me when I first became a Knight. He told me it was a hard move to learn, and that while I should remember it, it would take me a long time to build up the skill necessary to use it."

Aragorn laughed, "I thought that trance looked familiar. I just thought it was a Force technique, not a lightsaber one."

Thing shrugged, "It's neither, it's just a form of concentration. Kami used it to increase his patience, and prepare a counter attack."

Aragorn nodded, "Yep that sounds like him." With a grunt the Padawan leaned forward, "He never bothered with learning something unless he got a lot of use out of it. You'll have to teach me how to do it someday."

Sarus leaned back, "Incredible. They go through such an intense fight and then laugh about it."

"They have to," Dray replied with a grin on his face, "if they didn't they would cry."

"Why?" Sarus asked tilting his head.

"Kami's final request to all those he knew and taught was simple. He didn't want anyone to mourn him, he wanted them to remember the good times. So they have to laugh, they have to keep their promise to the man."

"Wait," Sarus said going pale, "mourn?"

"Yes," Dray replied as if explaining to a child, "Kami died. Didn't you know?"


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:23 am

The ship was plunged into silence, with only the ticking of the hyperdrive to prove the passage of time. The expression of Sarus in the Force told the group all they needed to know. He was completely still, not a muslce moving, but his prescence was in turmoil, tumbling through a managerie of anger, grief, denial, and acceptance.

Finally he leaned forward, "No I didn't," he said with a voice threatening to crack. "How could I? I've been undercover for the last five years."

Dray looked at Aragorn and Thing to see if either was going to voice what they were all thinking, but neither one would meet his eyes, "We thought you would feel his death," the Knight said speaking slowly, "you did say you were his Padawan for a while after all."

Sarus had his hand half-covering his mouth, trying to hide his emotion, "Shadow's are spies. We often have to diminish or hide our Force prescences when we go undercover." He put his hands together in front of him and rest his head in them, "How?" He asked from behind his hands.

"Helping people," Aragorn said suddenly, still sitting on the floor with is training saber beside him, "and saving lives." The Padawan proceeded to recount the tale, from the beginning of the DAJ incident right through it's fateful end. It seemed only right that the man should recount the story, he had been the only person to be with the Sentinel through the entire journey, and the only witness to Kami's last words. When he finished the room was again plunged into an uncomfortable silence.

Sarus stood and silently walked over to Aragorn, kneeling in front of him. He looked into the Padawan's eyes and hugged him for no apparent reason. After a few moments he realesed the man and held him by the shoulders, "I'm glad to have known him, and glad to know you now. I know it was painful for you to recount those events just now, more painful then I can truly imagine, but I'm glad you did." The Force Warrior let go and stood up, looking around at the others, "I don't know what he saw in any of you, but I do know he saw potential in each and every one of you." He turned back to Aragorn, "And that's good enough for me," he said stretching out his hand to help the Padawan up.

Aragorn took his hand and stood, not quite sure where Sarus was going with this. "I'm glad to have met you as well," he replied, not even sure where he was going, "I'm not sure what he saw in me either. Perhaps it was simply the potential for good in me, or he might have just taken pity on me," he continued looking down for a moment, but recovering quickly, "but what I do know is that he saved my life, and I can never repay that debt."

Sarus simply nodded, "He saved mine as well," he clamped a hand on Aragorn's shoulder, "I would be proud to call you brother."

Aragorn nodded agreement at the sentinment, then felt a hand rest on his other shoulder and saw Thing come up on his left, "Don't leave me out of this," he said with a genuine smile, "I called him Master as well."

Dray came up behind Sarus and Thing and threw his arms around both, "I didn't know him long, and I never called him Master, but through you Aragorn, and you Thing, I fell I know him as well as any other. Our acuiantence was brisk, and our friendship short-lived, but in that time we formed a powerful connection through the Force."

The group stood in silence, honoring this moment with the one thing above all words, the Force. Dray was the one to break the silence, "I propose a bond of sorts gentlemen. Kami always wanted to turn those from the path of darkness, that they may be able to truly live free of all burdens. A desire he saw fulfilled first through words, then through violence, but only if he had to. An admirable goal to be sure, and a goal I do not think should die with him. So I propose a pact, to always try to turn those from the darkness, no matter how long or arduous the path may be." With that he thrust his right hand out into the center of the group.

Sarus and Thing were unsure. They had never dedicated themselves to anything so permanent, and what if they couldn't live up to their promise? What if they lashed out in rage or grief? It wouldn't be right to make such a pact if they doubted their own ability to perform it.

But their thoughts were cut short as Aragorn thrust his own right hand out on top of Dray's. The man had once been a Marauder, and was now a Padawan, and even though he had a new lease on life, had his whole life ahead of him, he had put his hand out there with no hesitation, no regret.

It inspired Thing, who had also known the depths of despair, and had even contemplated leaving the Order once. After being Knighted at such a young age he had been expected to become a Master shortly after. After all the path to Knighthood was the hard part, becoming a Master was merely to be a matter of time and understanding, something which he had not developed in the five years since his knighting. But now.... now he felt as if he understood, as if a door had been opened. This was the way to Mastery of the Force, a path of discovery in one's self, and in others. With a determined look the Knight added his own hand to the pile.

All eyes turned to Sarus, whose own eyes were directed at the pile. He had known this moment was coming, had perceived it in his meditations. A time where a choice would be presented to choose a path, or to remain a wanderer for the rest of his life. It was a choice he thought he would make easily. Purpose was the goal of anyone in the Galaxy, Forse-Sensitive or otherwise, it was the driving force behind all arguments, disputes, and wars, it was the one thing that could justify anyone's actions. So why was he shying away? Was he afraid to commit? Afraid of following his Master's path, a path which lead to his death? Or was he afraid these friends, these brothers, would become close to him, and wind up suffering the same fate as the Sentinel? He knew the harsh realities of the Galaxy probably more then anyone else here, and knew what it was to lose someone close.

Trust the Force Sarus. Has it ever truly betrayed you? A voice said from no where, it was a familiar voice, a voice of a man he had once called Master, and although no one else could hear it, he knew they could feel it, and the change it was making in him. With renewed confidence he added his hand to the pile, completing the circle.

Each man smiled and nodded at one another, both intimidated and inspired by the pact they had made, but Dray knew just what to say, "Then I hereby pronounce us the Knights of Redemption," he said pushing hand down and bringing it up to finish the promise to themselves and each other.

Normally a toast would be proper after such an event, and normally they would have gotten drinks and toated to the occasion, had they not been thrown to the deck as the Baby Chikita was thrown out of hyperspace.

"What the kriff," Thing cursed pushing himself up, "What just happened?"

Aragorn and Sarus were also picking themselves up, and so had no answer for the Knight. Dray, however, did, "We were yanked out of hyperspace by a gravity well," he replied running to the front of the ship and sliding into the pilot's seat. "Aragorn, tactical." Dray said, barking out orders like a navy admiral, "Thing, navigation. Sarus, sensors." He finished flipping siwtches and putting the ship into a barrel roll to avoid being hulled by a turbolaser shot.

The three men jumped to their assigned tasks and barked out the status of their respective stations.

"Shields full. Laser cannons, and Proton Torpedo launcher warming up, Concussion missile launcher primed and ready," Aragorn said flipping on his targetting screen.

"We're loked in an artificial gravity well, I have coordinate for when we get out but we can't use them when we're this close," Thing replied.

"One cruiser and a squadron of starfighters on us. The starfighters are M-wings, the cruiser is an Imperial Interdictor," Sarus said glancing back and forth between the real time readout and the database.

"An Imperial Interdictor?" Dray asked incredulously, "Those are literally hundreds of years old. How is one even able to function much less fight?" He asked throwing the ship into a wild turn to avoid a barage of ion cannon fire. "Aragorn! Clear those fighters off our tail," Dray ordered momentarily forgetting his confusion.

"My pleasure," the Padawan replied rotating the laser cannon around to face their pursuers. A moment later the others could here the chug of the laser cannon firing and recoiling.

"Sarus," Dray said slewing the ship, "I know for a fact that a cruiser that old could not work without some major overhauls. I need to know what we're dealing with."

"Their tractor beams are offline, and their gravity well generators are the same, but that's all the good new there is. The engines have a class 4 hyperdrive, their shields are less powerful then they should be, but still there, and those batteries are military grade."

Dray noticed something strange about how the Chiss had responded but he couldn't put his finger on it. What sounded off? No what didn't sound off. The man's voice had been normal, not excited, worried or surprised. "Sarus, what were you doing for those five years you were undercover?" Dray asked suspicious of the Warrior now.

Sarus looked the other way, "Classified," was his only response.

Dray looped the ship and for a moment the Enertial Compensators stopped working, "Listen, I don't have time for this pile of stang. You tell me what you know now or I swear I'll jettison you now."

"What makes you think I know anything?" Sarus asked looking at Dray appraisingly.

"You weren't shurprised at having a 300 year old battle cruiser drag us out of hyperspace," he replied hitting the afterburners and throwing the ship between two of the gravity well generators and pulling it up and over the ship.

"You would make a good Investoigator," Sarus replied with a hint of admiration in his voice. "Very well. Five years ago I was assigned a mission to go undercover in a suspected darksider group. I did as ordered, expecting to find a few idiots dabbling in the dark side, but what I found astounded and scared me."

"Something tells me that I won't like this," Dray said zig zagging the Baby Chikita through enemy fire heading towards the stern of the great ship.

Sarus continued, "Well it wasn't a small group of darksiders I found, it was an army of Sith spanning dozens of star systems. Worse they weren't normal Sith who do it for selfish gain and power, these Sith literally worshiped the Dark Side, and they were building an army to cleanse the Galaxy of all who didn't believe as they did, Jedi and Sith alike." Sarus took a breath and steadied himself after a particularly violent turn, "I tried getting in, sabotaging their efforts, but they were too well organized and I couldn't infiltrate their ranks. So for the next four years I tried to sabotage from the outside, but without being able to get into their inner circle I couldn't find much to sabotage. I finally gave up and was heading to speak with both Councils, but I was side tracked by you and Aragorn."

Aragorn stopped firing for a moment, "That's a pretty major mistake. It sounds as if this group is extremely dangerous. Why didn't you just go to the Council?"

"Simply put, the Force told me to wait, that I needed to come with you three on this mission first," Sarus replied with a sigh.

"That's all well and good," Dray said through gritted teeth, "but what does it have to do with our current situation?"

"They were amassing a fleet," Sarus replied hanging on to his seat to keep from being thrown out of it, "it was a fleet of older ships, because it was the only kind they could gather. They started scavenging these old hulks and accumulating weapons, shields, engines, and hyperdrives, slowly so that no one would notice. It's a slow process, but they've been at it for a while now."

"Great," Dray said blowing his breath out in annoyance. "Any suggestions on how to disable this thing then?"

"Yes actually," Sarus said turning back to his console and sending an image of the Interdictor's engines with a notation under the second engine nacelle. "There's a major power conduit here with little to no protection. If you can hit it with an ionic missile then you'll short out the ship's power for a few minutes. This wouldn't have worked back in the day, but our weapons are a little more advanced then those used in the Galactic Civil War."

"Good enough for me," Dray said putting the Baby Chikita into a loop and diving at the Interdictor's stern. "Aragorn, prime an ionic missile and get ready to pound that nacelle ," he called back bringing his ship in line with the cruiser.

"Nice timing," Aragorn said with a smile, "I just dusted the last of those fighters." Aragorn whipped the laser cannon back around and started firing on the interdictor's shield, safe from return fire underneath the ship's engines. The shields flared brightly at first then dimmed under the constant barrage. Then they suddenly disappeared and Aragorn was firing on the hull instead. He quickly stopped and passed the missile launch controls over to Dray, "It's all yours."

With a smile on his face an a twinkle in his eye Dray flicked the primer and looked at the ship, "Suprise Buttsecks!" He yelled and fired the missile. The ionic missile hit the nacelle, and at first nothing happened, but then, a few moments later, the engine went dark, followed shortly by it's neighbor, then the ship as a hole.

"Gravity well gone," Thing spoke from his console. "Ready to enter hyperspace on your command."

Before Dray could respond a beep came from the console, and a man with pale cracked skin, wearing a naval uniform, "Who are you? How did you know my ship's weakness? Answer me!" He demanded seething with rage.

"Us?" Dray mocked with a broad smile. "We're men, we're men in tights!" He began to sing.

Sarus threw his arm around the Knight's shoulder, "We roam around the forest looking for fights!"

Aragorn put his forehead in his hands as the two continued their duet. "Just get us out of here," Aragorn said in a resigned voice.

"Right," Thing replied slowly.

The captain was standing there flabbergated as the two men continued their song in unison, "We may look like sissies, but watch what you say or else we'll put out your lights!" The two were starting their song again when the ship leapt into hyperspace and left the captain with a memory he would never forget, nor live down.

//Two down one to go.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:23 am

Side story...This is about Spanish and his adventure in Coruscant
Spanish emerged from his room with his katana in his hand.

Hmm...I sense Dusk and Xzavier are fighting...I cannot be so rude

as to intervene. To do so would only weaken Xzavier. Spanish decided

another course of action, he would go to Coruscant today to manipulate

force sensitives to the dark side, stock up on supplies, and to put away

a personal demon which has haunted him for most of his life.

Without a word, Spanish walks around the compound to his personal

shuttle, with passerbys looking in fear at the abnomally huge katana

shooting off red sparks and lightening.


Spanish emerges onto his ship and sits down into the cockpit. As soon as

the hangar doors open and Spanish pulls on the throttle, a quiet giggle

emanates throughout the ship. Spanish closes his eyes and focuses his

force to see...

"Peppa what the hell are you doing on my ship?" Spanish inquired,

a bit aggressively. "I was just wondering why this shuttle was leaving and

what all that was aboot" Peppa simply states, giggling. "I have no time to

turnback and drop you off, so you're coming with me...pray that you don't

annoy me". Spanish glowered and Peppa started drinking his ale he got in

his fridge. "That's my ale..." "What ale" Peppa innocently stated

"Ah..f**k it" Spanish said as he put on autopilot and Peppa and Spanish

started a drinking game.

It was many hours before they landed in Coruscant. "Remember, stay

close to me, these streets are filled with lowlifes, drunks, and villainry."

"So that's what attracts you here Spanish right?" Peppa asked. "Yes, I

feel right at home" Spanish smiled.

The two sith walked through Coruscant Poor sector, Spanish trying to use

force sight to sense other force sensitives, and Peppa cracking jokes and

laughing. Had the Dark Lord not lived here and had gotten accostomed to

the vibrant energy, finding a force sensitive would ofbeen impossible. But

it was relatively easy to find a group of Padawans talking loudly about

comic books.

Spanish walked up to the Padawans, who first looked at the huge

Katana in the Dark Lord's hand, and then at the imposing man himself.

"Hey, I heard you were Jedi's..I've always wanted to see them...can you

show me any of your special powers?" Spanish started innocently enough

"Those Powers you mention are the Force." Said one Know it All Jedi quite

arrogantly "Whatever, can you please show me? I served in many wars

and I was always honored to serve beside them" Spanish pleaded.

"We cannot flagrantly show the force, a jedi must not be arrogant"

Unknown to the padawans, Spanish secretly placed a beacon to warn the

Masters at the Jedi Temple of trouble nearby 10 minutes earlier, "Please,

people as talented as you must be rewarded and praised." Spanish said

trying to buy time for the Jedi patrol. The Padawans then used a force

jump to jump as high as possible and used every force power they could

think of. The Jedi Patrol saw them and immediately pulled them down to

earth. Spanish instantly used a strong mind trick to convince the patrol

they were dark jedi, and the Padawans were kicked out of the order.

Certain that they were feeling anger, Spanish came up to the Jedi, and

coerced them to join the dark side.

That was so unbelievably easy, They are like putty in my hands

Spanish thought as he wandered the poor district buying beer, clothing,

food, and blasters. "Wow Spanish, If I didn't know any better, I'd confuse

you with Emperor Palpatine" Peppa remarked. "Yeah, I learned a lot

about manipulation, I've always been manipulated from the start by my

own emotions.."

Spanish surveyed Peppa with his eyes and smiled as he walked

down an alleyway, "I know its here I know its here" Spanish muttered to

himself. "What's here" Peppa asked. "Something that needs to be put to

rest". They finally came to a small run down tenement, with durasteel

walls rusting and wood jutting out everywhere. Spanish entered the

building, memories flooding into him. " Spanish walked up the rickety

steps to the second floor and force blasted the door to his apartment.

Spanish surveyed a dark room with a broken table, cobwebs, a

mirror, and a matress. The Dark Lord walked up to the mirror, and

imagined a man with Dark Brown eyes, black hair, surrounded by his

parents, and a wife It's a nice dream...too bad it isn't true

He then looked into the wall where he saw the letter he hid there.

It was the last letter his mother had given him, but it couldn't be open

until he was 18 and he was evicted before then

Just then, a yell emanated behind him "Spanish, watch out!!!" as the Dark

Lord dodged in time to see a blond, spiky-haired man. He carried a huge

sword almost as big as masamune, but wider than an oar. He had a red

cape, and metal shoulder armor. "My name is Cloud, and

you will die by my hand for killing that flower girl" Nutjob Spanish

thought as he readied his own sword...


"Life and power should be logarithmic"

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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:24 am

The Baby Chikita dropped out of hyperspace just outside DAJ's orbit, "There it is boys," Dray said leaning back and crossing his arms.

Aragorn turned to the front viewport, "I wish I could say this place didn't bring back bad memories, but I would be deluding myself."

"That's good," Dray said speaking over his shoulder, "at one time you would have kept those feelings bottled up until you couldn't take it anymore. Now you're learning to accept them, and accepting the past helps us move to the future."

"Yes, master," Aragorn said rolling his eyes.

Dray laughed a little, "You know I dispise titles Aragorn."

The console in front of Dray flashed with an incoming message. He reached over and slapped the switch sending the view to the front screen, where the face of a young man appeared, "Welcome to the Dark Angel Academy. State your business," he said leaning on his desk in boredom.

Dray was about to say something, but Sarus jumped in before he could, "Hey Inc, long time no see!"

The young man's ears perked at the familiar nickname and voice, "Sarus? Sarus Cloud?" He asked actually looking at the screen now.

"The one and only," the Force Warrior replied placing his hands on his hips and striking a pose.

Inc laughed, "Yep, same old Sarus. What are you doing here? It's been, what, five years?"

"Six actually," Sarus said pushing his chair out to get a better view of the screen. "So what's up man? I heard you were Knighted a couple years ago."

Inc nodded, "That I was," he said bringing both his lightsabers into view, "but more importantly. What brings you to DAJ?"

Sarus thought for a moment, an almost imperceptible moment that could just as easily have been taken for lag, "A history lesson."

Inc leaned back, "You want to look at our Archives? I thought you already had all the Force Techniques you found useful about us?"

"No, in this case we really do want to look up some history," Sarus paused again, obviously, to Dray at least, trying to make a plausible story. "We have a medical problem with one of our Jedi, and we think your database may have some clues."

This seemed to satisfy the man as he just nodded and flipped a few switches, "You're cleared to land in the private hanger." Inc said and flipped a switch shutting off communication.

Dray slaved the Baby Chikita to the Academy's computer and a few moment later his ship moved out, slowly descending through the atmosphere. Normally the Knight would have done the driving himself, but he felt he needed to talk to Sarus. He spun his chair around and faced the Chiss, "You lied to them, albeit very skillfully, but why? And for that matter how did you get us through with so few questions? I've been here repeatedly through the years and I've never once been able to secure landing permits without a hassle."

Sarus sighed and leaned back, "How did I get us access that quickly? Hmm, where to start..." he wondered idly putting his chin in his hand. "I suppose the beginning would be the best. As you all know the alliance between JvS and DAJ was originally negotiated by Kami, so they have a bit of a soft spot for him. They also have one for me because I was his Padawan at the time, but I doubt you three will take that as the reason," Sarus stood and went back to grab a drink, continuing his explanation, "I was knighted shortly after the alliance was formed, and at that point I decided to pursue the path of the Force Warrior. Now the Dark Angels have never produced a lot of great fighters, they prefer knowledge and balance over specialization in any one area. So I thought, why not come here and start my Force training? Little did I know how long that would take," he said walking back to his seat and taking a sip of his drink. "They had so many techniques in their Archives, they were easily double the ones we had in the JvS Archives at the time, and I studied them all until I either mastered it, or discovered I didn't have the ability to use it. It took me a year to go through just their Archives, and during that time I formed many friendships with the Dark Angels, several of which I knew as Padawan and are now Masters."

"I guess there really is no substitute for having friends in high places," Thing commented shaking his head. "I guess I shouldn't criticize, it got us in after all."

"Yes that does answer the question," Dray said still staring at Sarus, "half of it at least."

"Yes, yes," Sarus said waving away the glare, "the lying thing has gotten under your skin. To put it bluntly, it was the only way we could get in. If we would have told them we want to flow-walk inside their Academy we would have been banned from DAJ."

"What?" Aragorn asked incredulous, "Why?"

Sarus sighed and closed his eyes, "Because of the inherent danger of flow-walking," he said and remained silent for a moment to let the statement sink in. After the moment had passed he opened his eyes and met each of the three's eyes in turn speaking as he did, "Flow-walking is a very powerful technique, and misuse of it carries serious consequences. While when in flow walk, no one of the past can hear you, or touch you, they can still see you, and sometimes that's all it takes. You see, flow-walking isn't just a way to view the past and future, it is a way to change the past and future."

"Then why keep the knowledge?" Thing asked in concern, "Why not just lock it away where no one can find it?"

"Because we're Jedi," Dray spoke up, "it is against our very nature to hide knowledge, how ever dangerous. Instead knowledge of dangerous techniques is often placed on a long and arduous path, where clues to it's misuse are scattered about." The Knight turned to Sarus, "It is hoped that in traveling it's path, one learns how to be responsible with what is at the end of it."

"Something we're both familiar with," Sarus replied, eyes narrowing at Dray. The Knight didn't know how, but somehow the Force Warrior knew of his own unique power.

They all felt the ship jolt as he rested in it's allocated space, but Dray and Sarus still held eye contact for a moment, then broke it. The mood in the ship suddenly lightened, as if there had never been any tension. With a hop and a skip the two men headed to the ramp and each put one arm on the other's shoulder. The ramps started to lower and both took a deep breath. When the ramp hit the floor they proceeded to do high kicks to walk down it and towards the lift, all the time singing, "La, la la la la la la, la la, la la la la la, la la!"

Aragorn slapped his forehead with his palm. Thing watched Dray and Sarus dance off, and saw Aragorn slapped his head. Thing shook his own and picked up his bag, "You're going to leave a mark if you keep that up," he said trying hide a grin as he followed Dray and Sarus.

"You assume I'm going to remain sane that long," Aragorn said picking up his own bag anf following Thing.

"So where is this spot?" Sarus asked looking out over the Main Hall, "we need to be close to it, but not in the spot."

Dray came up and pointed at a spot about half-way down the Hall and to the left in between two pillars, "Right about there."

Sarus scanned the area for a moment then decided on a course of action and headed to the balcony on the right. The move confused the other three, but they just shrugged and followed the Chiss' lead. Sarus looked down at the floor as he walked, hands out in front and held there loosely, as if feeling fro something in the air. Suddenly he stopped, turned in a small circle, took a few more steps, and repeated it, then looked out to the spot Dray had pointed out. He nodded, satisfied at whatever he had found and waved the three over, "Stand closely around me."

Aragorn looked around as he walked over, "Won't the security cameras see us?"

"Or for that matter, the people?" Thing added.

Sarus closed his eyes to concentrate, "I'm using hassat durr to fuzz the cameras that can ssee us, and a perception field to keep people from becoming curious about us."

"I have a feeling he's had to hide this technique before," Dray said putting his hand on Sarus left shoulder.

Sarus kept his eyes closed, but his lips curved in a grin, "Once or twice." His smile faded, "I'm ready whenever you two are," he said speaking to Thing and Aragorn.

Aragorn looked uncomfortable, and only hesitantly put out his own hand to rest on Sarus' shoulder, "If you're sure they won't see anything."

"Don't worry, I've done this many times," Sarus replied with a slight smile. "Thing," he called raising his voice just slightly, "you'll need to stand in front of me, and drop your mental defenses."

"Why?" Thing asked, walking over nonetheless.

"I wasn't here for the time we'll be going back to, and I have only a little information of what happened, but you were here when it happened. I need to read your memories in order to go to the right time."

"If you say so," Thing replied.

Sarus lifted his right hand and put it on the Knight's right shoulder. The physical touch allowed a smoother mental connection, and would minimize any fright Thing might feel at having his mind invaded. The Force Warrior delved into he Knight's mind, sifting and sorting through his memories, but being careful to only scan the memories, lest he invade Thing's privacy. In a way it was like swimming through a pool of water, with only your blurry eyes to guide you, you could see your goal, but it was only by diving deeper and ignoring everything else around you that you could reach it. Then he found it.

Sarus' eyes snapped open and glowed white as he read and acted on the memory. The scene around them seemed to grow distant, and yet not move away. The people moving around slowed, then stopped, and then seemed to move in reverse, as if someone had hit rewind on a holographic recording. The movement got faster, and faster until it was more a blur then a picture. Then the ground and terrain warped and started disappearing bit by bit, as if erasing from reality, disappearing so fast that it threatened to throw the floor out from under them. Suddenly the floor and stopped disappearing, and the blur of movement around them got slower, and slower, and then just stopped altogether. As it stopped it seemed to snap back into normal focus, and the air got dustier, and smelled of ozone.

Sarus's eyes dimmed back to their normal red color, "Well this is it," he said quietly, "I set us back to a few mintues before their encounter with the Sith so that Dray and Aragorn can cast their senses out. I'd also like to take this oportunity to mention two things: One, don't move away, we're on the only stable piece of the balcony there was during this time," he said looking down and letting the others follow his gaze. They all tensed, but none of them made an attempt to move, "Two, don't let go of me, this is a technique that requires constant Force use, and if you let go of me I cannot gaurentee that you will not become lost in time."

"Right," Thing replied gulping and making sure he had a firm grip on the Warrior's arm. The group watched as Thing, Dawn, and the Sith met, and did battle, "I can't believe I was that bad at fighting before," Thing commented watching his past self repeatedly charge the enemy, ultimately culminating in his plunge into unconsciousness.

That was when they witnessed Dawn's initial snap, and the ferocity with which he attacked. The move were wild, and unplanned, but there was a twisted grace about it, and the moves seemed to flow together without a noticable transition. "That's just how he fought me too," Aragorn said watching intently, "wild, and ferocious, yet directed and graceful. I imagine it's how a Vaapad user fights if he turns to the dark side."

"No," Dray interjected with a shake of his head, "that's Juyo, how it was meant to be. Current practicioners of the style tend to use Djem-So overtones, and ruin the strength of the style, but that is a topic for another time. I'm noticing something else here," Dray said concentrating, "he has snapped, but it's just a mental break, nothing like what Iron described."

"Then the vital moment has yet to happen," Sarus said not taking his eyes off the scene.

They kept watching as Dawn chopped the Sith to pieces, and with a final blast threw him across the room. Dray twitched as the Sith hit the wall, and Sarus looked at the Knight. His face had gone pale, and he was hardly breathing. Sarus was about to say something, but Dray just shook his head and sent a mental thoguht to the Warrior, I'm fine. I have a theory now, but I need to see this memory through completely. Sarus nodded and went back to watching the events taking place.

A while passed with Dawn remaining where he was, in a fetal position, with Thing unconscious a few meters away. After about twenty minutes Kami, Aragorn, and Dray showed up at the scene, and went to the two injured Jedi. They tended to them until Dawn, or rather Dusk, awoke and attacked the group, finally being shaken out of it by Kami's foot, and also witnessed the same odd transformation from a dark prescence to Dawn's normal prescence.

With the memory over Sarus' eyes glowed white again and the environment did what it had done before, but now in reverse, finally depositing the group in the same spot they had left. Sarus' eyes returned to red again and he looked at the wall chrono, Back not even a full minute after we left, he thought with a smile, I'm getting better at this.

"We need somewhere private to talk," Dray said suddenly, no longer joking, but completely serious.

Sarus nodded, knowing whatever he needed to tell the group needed to be done soon, and it wouldn't be pleasent news, "Right, I know just the place." He turned and entered the Dark Angel Hall of Lost Jedi and nodded to a corner viewing station with a privacy screen in place. They headed inside, and once all in and seated Dray activate the privacy screen, blocking off all sound and sight from the rest of the room.

Dray sighed heavily, "As you can all probably guess, I've figured out what happened."

Aragorn nodded, "I think I may know what you felt, but you have a higher connection to the Force then I do, so I'll let you explain it."

Dray nodded and put his hand together, "Well we all saw Dawn's psyche snap, and the power he wielded with it, but that alone did not cause what is wrong with him. I think when he attacked the Sith, the Sith knew he was in over his head, that, even though Dawn was insane at that point, he had taped into true Juyo. He knew he didn't stand a chance, so he attacked in the only way he could, at Dawn's weakened psyche."

"You're saying the Sith caused it?" Sarus asked.

"Yes and no," Dray replied bouncing his head back and forth in time the with answer. "He did cause what went wrong with Dawn, but it wasn't his intention, it was an accident. The Sith was trying to shatter Dawn's self-control, and make sure that even if the Sith died, we would at least have to kill Dawn as well. He succeeded only a little though. What he did was completely shatter the part of Dawn that had snapped, but Dawn's psyche walled itself off before he could get at the whole thing." Dray crossed his les and leaned forward, "You probably noticed that Dawn was much more Jedi like after he got back from DAJ, that was the first symptom. You see when the Sith cracked part of his psyche it caused his own mind to cope in a way it had never expected. It walled off Dawn's negative emotions into the broken part of his mind, since those were the emotions he was using at the time, and it only keep the positive emotions in the intact part of his mind. Normally this would just create a split personality, but because he was so young and untrained, his conscious mind was in the 'bad' side, forcing his mind to create another conscious mind for his 'good' side. This is what we saw when he attacked us, his 'bad' mind lashing out because it was trapped in a endless path of negativity, and only after Kami kicked him did he establish his separate consciousness. It was actually a coincidence that his 'good' mind came in after Kami's kick."

"Then how did his 'good' side have any memories, if it had only just been created?" Thing asked.

"You have to envision a normal brain with three parts," Dray said bringing up a drawing program on the console. "One part is your emotions," he continued drawing a rough scetch of a brain and pointing at the right hemisphere, "the other is your consciousness," he pointed to the other half, "and the final part is your memories," he pointed at a back area that seemed to intrude on both hemispheres. "What Dawn's brain did is lock his personality over with his negative emtions, and lock his positive emotions on the other side," he said indicating the right and left areas. "The memories were left alone," he pointed at the back, "but there was an imbalance with only half his emotions on one side and the other side containing both the other hafl and his consciousness. So it created a new personality from the memories and put it into the 'good' side, creating balance." With a brush he deleted the image, "Of course the brain is mcuh different from what I drew, but it is the simplest way to explain things. Think of that drawing as metaphysical."

Aragorn scratched his head, "How could he create an entirely different personality?"

Dray leaned back, "The mind is still a mystery to us, but if I had to venture a guess I would say it has to do with his very young age, and the fact that a child's brain is constantly learning. Something about the increased activity in young age must have lead to this."

"Disturbing," Aragorn said crossing his arms, "we should get this back to the Council as soon as we can."

Dray uncrossed his legs and stood, "You're right Aragorn, we do need to get this information back to the Council, but Thing and I can do that." He shut off the privacy screen and stepped out, waving Thing to him as well, "You still have something you need to do, both of you," he said looking between Sarus and Aragorn, "and you know what it is."

"But if you go now, how will we get back?" Aragorn asked, almost begging to not have to face his trial alone.

"I know for a fact that Sarus had his ship slaved to follow an hour after ours departed," Dray said smiling at the Force Warrior who smiled back in approval, "it will be here by the time you're done." He finished and walked away.

Aragorn almost followed him, but restrained himself, and focused on what needed to be done. Truthfully he had always known he would face his final trial here, his Trial of the Spirit, he had just been deluding himself into hoping he could leave ithout having to face it. The Padawan had heard horror stories about the revelations Padawans faced in the trials, revelation they were not allowed to discuss, and had even heard of a few who had been broken by the trial. Aragorn knew it was a vital part of the process, but he still dreaded it. He would do it however, if for no other reason then to fulfill his promise to Kami.

The Padawan looked over at Sarus, and saw the Chiss nod, reading Aragorn's mood in the Force, as well as his body language. "I know it won't be easy," he said, "mine wasn't easy either, but you're a strong man, in both the Force, and in character." Sarus placed his hand on the Padawan's shoulder and gently shook it, "You can do it."


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:24 am

The two fighters circled each other in opposite ends of the room. One was holding a katana which seemed to glow in a darkside energy. The other held a huge zweilhandler.

"What the f**k are you talking about, I didn't kill your flower girl" Spanish stated. Cloud angrily swung at Spanish, who parried it at the last second. "That sword belonged to a swordsman who I swore to kill because of that deed, no matter what"

"Well I beat you to it, it's mine now, you should drop this and go. I don't feel like killing you" Spanish sneered. "You are still a danger, that sword oozes a dark aura, you must be stopped or else the galaxy will be overcome by darkness" Cloud yelled.

Spanish jumped at Cloud, using Djem-so to try and overpower his defenses. Cloud easily blocked a vertical strike intended to cut him down the middle. Cloud them spun around and swung the huge sword to knock Spanish through the table.

Change of strategy Span thought as he got up. The Dark Lord switched to Juyo, and used a flurry of attacks in the hope that one would strike Cloud. "Heh, is this the best you got" he said as the zweilhandler caught each attack. Cloud then delivered a front snap kick to Span's chest which floored him.

Spanish immediately channeled his force into his hands and launched a barrage of lightening at Cloud. "You fool, My armor is 50% reduced lightning damage" Cloud smugly stated as he raised his sword and brought it down. Spanish barely managed to roll away from each blow that came at him.

Spanish, enraged by this, struck back faster and harder than he has before. Cloud managed to dodge and deflect most of the Dark Lord's Juyo, but one managed to cut a gash on his arm. Span used this to his advantage and delivered a thrust kick into Cloud's solar plexus

Suddenly, Spanish felt a painful blow to the back of his head and doubled over in agony. A girl appeared behing him, wearing a brown miniskirt, a tanktop held by suspenders, and gloves on her hands. She had long brown hair and brown eyes which were currently fixed on the Dark Lord.

"I hope you pay for this, you monster, you'll pay for hurting Cloud". THe girl screamed as she continued to punch Spanish in the kidney. Just then, Peppa ignited her lightsaber and stabbed the girl in her stomach, barely missing any vital organs. "I don't approve of any unfair fight, bitch, unless I'm on the winning side"

Cloud just managed to get up and walked to Span, who was still in pain. "Get up you monster" Cloud screamed as he kicked Spanish's face. Damn, I need healing if I am to take this madman "Your girl will pay for hurting Tifa too, I'm gonna make sure she begs for mercy and goodness before I run this blade through her" Cloud stated as he aimed another kick, this time at Span's groin.

Span immediately sprang up with the force and used his force to drain the life out of cloud. The Dark Lord could feel his wounds being sealed up and bruises fading as the force drained Clouds cells. "What the...It looks like Vincent is not the only vampire." Cloud chuckled "But he is on my side, and is a good person, you are beyond redemption."

Span grabbed the katana and raised his sword. "Come boy, let's see how good you are". The two clashed swords, each one striving to break through the others defenses. Spanish utilized Juyo, Djem So, Makashi, Shien, and Ataru. Not one of them could penetrate Cloud's defense. Cloud, a top rate mercenary, could also not defeat Span's swordsmanship

"Enough of this, You are skilled Dark one, but you will fall as I unleash my ultimate attack." Cloud yelled. "Granted, I cannot wield the force like you do, but I am Genetically engineered to be the best swordsman in the galaxy and have my own ability. Cloud closed his eyes, and raised his sword. "LIMIT BREAK: OMNISLASH"

Omni-what Span thought, but he couldn't react, just then Cloud ran up and delivered a fast stab. With lightning speed, Cloud delivered attacks to a helpless Dark Lord, who couldn't defend. 14 slashes were created in 10 seconds. The last one, sure to be the finishing blow, Cloud jumped up in the air to finish Span off
Meanwhile, Tifa managed to heal herself with the force, and got up. "You'll pay for that, Dark Wench" The Girl screamed as she ran at Peppa. Peppa used ataru to try and cut the boxer to ribbons, but Tifa used cortosis weaved glovers to block each attack and get closer to deliver punches.

Peppa used lightning and push to get her away in order to buy more time. She is a force sensitive, and a good one too, she's using the force to power her hands and deliver crushing blows Peppa dodged one punch, and delivered a jab to Tifa's solar plexus. Peppa then rained blow after blow with her lightsaber, each one caught by Tifa, who returned a punch to Peppa's face.

She's too good, if I continue, she'll win based on endurance Peppa thought as she sliced the air, barely missing Tifa. "Hey bitch, You got skills I give you that, but your powers pale in comparison to the dark side" Peppa said as she directed a lightning bolt to Tifa.

The fight continued, with Tifa winning as Peppa was showing bruises around her face and stomach. "Just as I expected," Tifa said "You're all talk and no substance, I'm gonna end this quickly, LIMIT BREAK FINAL HEAVEN"

Tifa rushes forward with her fist crackling and filled with force energy If this hits, I am done for, I need a way to dodge this attack Peppa thought. Just then, she saw a huge board which was jutting out of the wall. Peppa used the force to pick it up and placed it between her and Tifa.

Tifa could not stop her blow as it exploded onto the board, shattering it in several pieces, Peppa used the dust and explosion to jump over and behind tifa. She then ignited her saber and backstabbed, which pierced Tifa through her stomach, she already knew Tifa was gone as she slumped forward. "Don't mess with me bitch, this is what it's all aboot."

Spanish, weak from every attack, found himself unable to move as Cloud heavily damaged him. This is it, I cannot move and I have only one ability I can think of to get out of this, but my force will be utterly depleted. Spanish closed his eyes and opened himself to the force, he then opened his eyes, and summoned a force shield. The shield blocked the final attack and repelled Cloud out through the wall out into the street.

Peppa, who had recently defeated Tifa, watched Spanish and barely had time to hide behind the mattress. She surveyed Span "Boss, you need healing bad, here take this medpac" Peppa said. The Dark Lord immediately took the medpac and injected it into his thigh. And for good measure, he drained part of Peppa's force.

"I am not gonna take anymore, I can stand and fight for only a few more minutes. These wounds require immediate hospitalization." Span stated as he grabbed his katana. "I got one final trick up my sleeve, I want you to prep the shuttle so we can take off immediately, can you do that" "Yes Master" said Peppa as she raced away. "Oh and Peppa...thank you for everything"

Spanish jumped outside and saw Cloud got up, seething and raising his blade. "Nice trick boy, but that depleted every force reserve you had, I am still fresh and eager for combat." Cloud yelled as he immediately rushed towards Span.

Span fingered for his flask, Tarisian Ale, It took me forever to find the last bottles, but this is one of the most powerful stuff in the galaxy Spanish took a swig, and immediately felt lightheaded, happy, and uncoordinated.

Cloud took a swing, but Span immediately fell down on his face dodging it. Span then took a very fast drunken slash at Cloud which cut Clouds Face. Enraged, Cloud took another slash, but Span rolled around and got up.

"You looks funneh" Span lolled his head back and forth. "I R TEH DARK LORD" Span yelled and then randomly burst into giggles. Cloud, reasonably confused by the newfound giddiness of the Dark Lord, stood there. Suddenly Span took a wild swing and sliced off Clouds Shoulder Pads. Then he fell on his back giggling.

"You bitch...stand and fight" Cloud yelled. So Span got up and initiated drunken slice after slice, Cloud barely dodging each. "I Hope all the single ladies are watchin me Cloud" Span yelled as he fell down and sliced at Cloud's feet.

Cloud could not predict Spanish's moves effectively, as Span continued to strike irregularly, Laugh, fall, and occassionally throw up. Cloud rushed as Span, hoping this last thrust will end it, when Span Jumped on clouds blade and sliced off clouds hand. The Zweilhandler dropped to the floor, as Span jumped off impaled Cloud with the katana through his heart.

"Didn't Expeshpect the SPAINISH INquishtion did you" Spanish drunkenly slurred. Cloud fell "Aerith...I'm sorry". Spanish surveyed the body of cloud, feeling sorry that a fine warrior had to be killed. Then, he fell, vomited, picked up the zweilhandler, and contacted Peppa. "Peppa, I R DRUNK and I did it. Could you pick me up, I don't think I can walk"


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:25 am

Aragorn stood there, staring at Sarus, wishing time would just stop so he wouldnt have to face this. He knew what he needed to see and he knew he couldn't do it, but he had to.

"Are you ready?" asked Sarus

"No, but lets do it anyway."

"Alright, remember, hold on to me. I dont know what might happen if you let go during this. Being lost in time cant be a pleasurable thing."

Aragorn nodded in response. Sarus closed his eyes and focused his force energy to flow walk once again. His opened to reveal his eye white as the lightsaber that Master Iron wielded. Aragorn could feel the memory being accessed. He had hoped for any memory, but this one had to be picked. Time seemed to slow as the scene rushed into their vision. It seemed to grow distant but remain still. I gotta learn this technique. If, I can change the past with it, there is no telling what I could do. Finally, Sarus's eyes returned to their normal red color and he began to watch. Before the pair, the Sith Destroyer had just engaged Kami and Aragorn. Iron had just dropped to floor after being drained.

"This Sith had powers like you wouldnt believe."

"It looks like a Sith Destroyer. No doubt, it wasnt gonna be easy to take down."

Aragorn nodded again and was forced to watch. He tried to turn his head because he didnt want to watch, but he forced himself to. It seemed like hours went by but only minutes grazed past the duo. Aragorn could see Kami explaining how to exploit the mixed forms of Juyo and Soresu.

"With flow walking, you can change the past correct?"

"Yes, but thats not why your here."

Aragorn stood silent. He stared at the scene again, forcing himself to watch. He watched as the Sith Destroyer taunted them, calling them gnats and unworthy to be a challenge to him. Sarus watched as Kami and Aragorn were pushed back and Aragorn being trapped in a choke.

"That was a painful choke. I couldn't breathe or move anything. My body was frozen, like it was a full bodied force choke."

"Sith Destroyers are powerful beings, Kami explained very well what they are and why they are so atrocities to the Force."

Aragorn payed no attention to Sarus. He knew what was coming. Kami was charging the Destroyer to cut off his arm. Aragorn began to let go of Sarus's hand but Sarus tightened his grip.

"Aragorn, dont let go of me. I dont know what will happen."

"I cant let this happen again Sarus. I cant watch him die again." Aragorn said with a mixture of anger and sorrow

"I know this is going to be painful but you have to do it. You have to watch this."

Aragorn still payed no attention to Sarus and tried harder to wiggle free.

"I have to stop this, he was gonna be my master. HE WAS MY FRIEND AND MY MENTOR!!!" Aragorn yelled with anger. Aragorn hadn't felt this angry in a long time. He remembered Span telling them on their first day of training. Darkness is wonderful yet terrible thing. It always exist within all of us. You may throw it away and disown it but its always there,waiting to creep back and once you taste the darkness, you can never let go. Sarus wrapped his arms around Aragorn's chest hoping to restrain him further.

"Aragorn, listen you cant change the past this was meant to happen. You have to realize that."

"NO! This was never meant to happen, Kami should have lived. He needs to live."

Aragorn broke free of one of Sarus's arms but was quickly reeled back in. Sarus knew he couldnt persuade him all he can do now was hold him back. Aragorn seen Kami call out to Aragorn, distracting him from the Destroyer. Aragorn struggled even harder then before.


"NO. YOU HAVE NEVER WATCHED A MENTOR AND A FRIEND DIE BEFORE YOUR EYES. NOW I HAVE TO WATCH IT AGAIN." Tears began to fill Aragorns eyes as he watched the Destroyer plunged his blade through Kami. He was hoping his tears would cloud his vision but somehow they magnified it. His eyes were completely focused on Kami and his corpse as it dropped to the floor. Aragorn stood there in Sarus's arms unable to move. In that moment he realized something. Kami knew the Sith Destroyer was to powerful for either of them to kill. He knew Spanish had to be the deciding factor. He knew that Span had to deliver the final blow. I wish there was a better way. But there wasnt said a familiar voice.

"Kami?" Aragorn looked around excited and confused all at the same time but he saw nothing. He realized, Kami sacrificed himself for Aragorn. Aragorn realized, after all these years, this event still clouded his judgment and his emotions still weren't under control because he blamed his death on himself. Aragorn stared at Sarus. Sarus knew what needed to happen. Without a word, he closed his eyes to begin the flow walk back to the ship to go home.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:25 am

Aftermath of Dusk and Xzavier's duel...

"We're still lost you know" Dawn Said

"Your Point?" Dusk replied

"Nevermind" Dawn answered

After Ten Minutes

"The Mess Hall! Yessssss" Shouted Dawn

"Good, I'm hungry" Dusk stated walking towards the food

"HALT!!" A Jedi Knight yelled

"What?" Dusk said staring unemotionally at the Knight

"Sith are not aloud in here" Stated the Jedi

"...What the hell do you call those then?" Dusk stated pointing at a group of tables with Sith eating at them

"The Sith Side" Replied The Jedi

Dusk stared at the Jedi like he was some sort of racist idiot

"Okay, No Sith Aloud on the Jedi Side? Fine with me" Dusk stated "You get the food, Weakling"

Dusk let Dawn gain partial control so he could grab the food

Dawn grabbed his left shoulder in pain

"Next time you switch..make sure we aren't injured you idiot" Dawn said

Dawn reached for some of the Pizza since he was a "Jedi"

"This is Jedi Food! Bad Sith!" The Jedi said slapping Dawn's head with a rolled up poster

"That is cruel, for a Jedi! Attacking a Injured Person!" Dawn said pointing out his missing left arm

The Knight's Face turned green as he noticed the missing arm

"Oh wait..aren't you that..kid who lost his arm...and got a new one in the...freshers.." The Knight mumbled trying to hold back the urge to puke

"Oh again" Dawn said remembering the Padawan with a weak stomach from three years ago

"I'm just going to grab the food and go..." Dawn said grabbing a plate with two pizzas on it and some refreshment

"Good" Dusk said taking control again

"Jerk" Dawn yelled

"Whatever" Dusk responded

Dusk sat down at a empty table on the "Sith Side" and began to eat their meal.

A Sith girl approached Dusk's table and sat down

"Hi, your name is Dawn...Isn't it?" The Girl Said

"No but you can speak to him if you'd like" Dusk responded "Hey Weakling, some girl wants to talk to you"

Dawn regained control again and immediatly grapsed his left shoulder

" time we switch..make sure we aren't injured..." Dawn said

The Girl was staring blankly at Dawn like he was insane

"Uhm...Hello?" Dawn said

"Hi..." The girl answered a little freaked out

"Oh, don't worry, I'm not insane..I can't say the same for my alternate persona though" Dawn said

"Bitch" Dusk said

"Uhm, Okay, Anyhow remember me?" The Girl asked

"Uhm...Should I?" Dawn replied

"Uhm I guess not.." She responded "I'm the girl you hitted on three years ago? When you lost your arm the first time.."

"Oh...Uhm...Hi" Dawn said blushing a bit

"Can I puke yet?" Dusk asked

"Eat the pizza" Dusk demanded as he levitated the pizza to ram into their forehead slowly over and over again "Eat it!"

The Girl stared at the Floating pizza hitting Dawn in the head over and over

"Yeah..Sorry..Dusk...gets like that sometimes.." He said

"Okay..." The Girl said "Oh..I almost forgot" She said staring at Dawn's drink levitating and starting to move above him "My names Amber.."

"...Dusk..before you pour that on me...remember We share the same body..." Dawn Said

"You're no fun..." Dusk Stated

Just then Xzavier walked in, well, in a wheel chair, to get a meal so he could hopefully recover faster

The Cup Levitating above Dusk and Dawn's head flew across the room and hitted Xzavier square on the head, flipping his wheelchair over and knocking him out cold.

"I didn't do that.." Dusk said

"Yeah..that was me" Dawn Replied

"Well..anyhow I think we should go now.." Dawn said getting up "Oh, do you know how to get to the infi-"

Before Dawn could finish his sentance Dusk took control again

"Hope you had fun talking to lover boy" Dusk said walking out towards the Sith section of the Academy

"Why the hell didn't you ask for directions to the infirmiry.." Dawn shouted

"I didn't want to" Dusk replied



Name: Amber Daetio
Race: Human
Age: 16
Rank: Sith Lady (Aka Sith Lord)
Saber Color: Crimson Red
Saber Styles: Djem-so, Ataru and a bit of Juyo
Saber Type: Single
Likes: Poetry, Sweet Food, Rice, Action, "Unfair" Odds
Dislikes: Boring things, Jawas, anything too pink..


Dispite being a Sith, Amber is pretty Bright(in the "Bright Mood" Sense, as in not a downer as Darth Vader is..) and a bit Hyper. Her reasons for joining the Sith are unknown but she is not one to be trifled with. She dislikes Jawas and anything that is Too Pink. She especially loathes Jawas with Pink Robes...


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:25 am

Meanwhile Anterias was taking a stroll to the mess hall to get some food.

"Ugh I'm so hungry I'd eat a rancor" He said chuckling.

Just as he arrived in the mess hall he saw Dawn throwing his pizza and drink at Xzavier.

"What the kriff...?"

Anterias walked to Xzavier and helped him up.

"Hey thanks. I guess you still have me on your friend list" Xzavier said smiling.

"Of course!" He said returning the smile.

"Hmm did Dawn just do that..?"

"Did what?"

"Hit you with his food..."

"He did that...? Oh that coward's going to get it after I recover."

"Umm yeah by the way why are you like this?!"

"We had a duel and he injured me..."

"What?! Has he gone insane?"

"I don't know he was stronger than before.."

"Well okay I'll look in to this later...Now I am getting more hungry so cya later."


Anterias took a plate and 3 pizzas plus a hamburger....

"Now what should I drink..."

"Ah Sprite..."

He took 2 bottles of sprite... and went to an empty table.

"Hey!" Said a jedi padawan.

"Yes?" Anterias said eyeing him.

"Who do you think you are to take so much food?!"

"Oh I'm TEH FUTURE JEDAI WATCHMAN!" He said with the most annoying voice he can do."


After he was done with his meal he walked to the Grand Master's chambers.

"Hello Grand Master Iron. You wished to speak to me?

"Yes since our watchman got killed exploring the a group of wild rancors.. I am giving you his job."

"Thank you grand master!" Anterias said with a weird impression on his face...

"Wow what a coincidence... I just said that in the mess hall and it happend... Oh well let's get to work."

// Kami if you don't like the last part I'll edit it. The one with me getting the watchman job that is.


"Life and power should be logarithmic"

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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:26 am

//Introductions please Smile

Floating... Ptolemy looked around smiling he has always enjoyed the feeling of Zero Gravity. the fact that this rarely happens is irrelevant. Normally it would be a bad thing to have the gravity mesh fail in flight but Ptolemy regularly turns it off so it is easier for him to get around. This means his leg doesn't hurt as much and floating is easier than walking. Ptolemy looked to his right and saw his staff slowly spinning end over end in place which was weird, his staff should have been secured next to the pilot seat. then Ptolemy focuses beyond the staff at the canyon wall. He was not floating he was falling! a guttural scream ripped from his throat! In a panic Ptolemy reaches out to grab his staff, he missed and sends his staff spinning toward the canyon wall creating sparks as the wood and Cortosis weaved staff impacted the wall. Ptolemy thrashed as if trying to fly waving his arms as his legs took off in a dead run. involuntarily he turned from his back to front as he caught a glimpse of the rough ground rushing up to meet him...


Ptolemy jerked awake and sent his staff flying across the cockpit of the yacht he had 'liberated' on Narr Shada. He was not sure who the vessel belonged to but it sat for 3 months with no activity and all he had to pay for it was the docking fees. That's what happens when you watch what is going on around you. Ptolemy Shrugged, probably some clueless elites wanting to get a look at how the other side lived... and saw how they died first hand.

Ptolemy glances at the nav computer and silenced the alarm. What a dream! he sighs as he leans back in the command couch wiping the sweat from his forehead, at least it was not as bad as the real thing. 'I must have hit the wrong button' Ptolemy mused as The Dawn Treader transitioned into normal space.

'Well' Ptolemy said to no one in particular, 'I have been on this ship long enough'. Ptolemy looked at the nav charts and saw a planet marked simply Yavin 4. 'Not much there seems to be an out post of some type on that moon, should be my kind of place.' Ptolemy began to hum as he set course for the planet.

there was a bit to do from that point, Ptolemy had accepted long ago that FTL travel was to complex for humans to figure out and so, left it to computers, but piloting in system was something he always enjoyed. Setting a course for the small world Ptolemy wondered what there was to be gained there and why the force decided to drop him here.

His mind began to wonder back 20 years or so ago to the events that changed his life forever, wedding Kerinn, the woman that he would have died for and almost did and the birth of his son. He could hear the cries of his son when he was born and how proud he was. Feeling that familiar stirring knowing he had passed his gift on to his son as Ptolemy's father had to him. Ptolemy was hoping to be able to train his son in how to control the gift or curse depending on your point of view. But Ptolemy had grown careless and his family had been killed by the sand people on Tatooine. The first shots killed Kerinn and wounded Ptolemy. The raiding party came down to the speeder they had been riding and Ptolemy fought with what ever he had. Killing 4 and driving the 5th Raider off. With no transport he gathered his son up and started the long trek back to Anchorhead. He did not remember getting there only waking up in an infirmary with no sign of his son. The damage to his right leg were such that he would always have a limp and so he fashioned a staff of the hardwoods of Kashikk and Cortosis the element that not even a light saber can cut through.

Ptolemy had been searching for his son for years, traveling the galaxy searching for any sign of an untrained force sensitive boy, man now, had it really been 20 years? The trail had gone cold on Narr Shadaa there was little information on the boy he sought beyond the fights the boy had gotten into. That was over 3 years ago and from the descriptions of the cruelty this man was capable of it was clear that he was not the man Ptolemy hoped to shape but, hope is never lost.

‘JvS control to ship designated Dawn Treader,’ Ptolemy almost jumped as the comlink crackled to life.
‘JvS control this is the Dawn Treader requesting vector to land.’ Ptolemy said into the comlink.
‘Dawn Treader permission granted to land and occupy pad 3west coordinates transmitting now’

The Navputer set a string of beeps indicating coordinates received. ‘ I have the coordinates, initiating landing cycle’

Name: Ptolemy
Height: 1.7 Meters
Weight: 70 Kilos
Light saber: HA don't think so.
Appearance: Ptolemy is average height wearing the robes of an initiate and carrying a intricately carved and inlayed staff that he appears to use as a walking stick. He has a pronounced limp to his right leg. Age is hard to determine as his face shows the wear and tear of a thousand worlds and a life hard lived. Ptolemy has shoulder length white hair and is force sensitive though with no formal training has been able to ‘figure stuff out’ with the help of his father and on his own.

My character will be following along the lines of a force warrior. I have no blade only a staff, 2 Tonfas or side handled baton, that and hand to hand is all i have trained with since i began training at the age of 5. Short and long staff. Spanish already used the fighting style i will use (drunken) and i am a decent pilot.

I am not Jedi or Sith as i have never been trained by either so i guess i would be classed grey. I will gravitate more toward Jedi however.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:26 am

Aragorn hung his head while they were flow walking. He didn't care to much right now. He seen what happened again, he knew why but even though he realized it, it was still hard to come to grips with. Sarus finished the flow walk and his ship snapped into view. Aragorn started walking towards the ship, silent the entire way. Sarus and Aragorn entered the ship, Aragorn found a quiet place while Sarus fired up the ship. Sarus punched in the coordinates for the long fly back to the JvS enclave. Aragorn wasn't the only one hurt. Kami was a good friend to Sarus as well. Unlike Aragorn, Kami was Sarus's master. A bond was created that is hard to release. He somehow felt that Aragorn had a stronger bond because they fought each other and fought other enemies together. Kami brought light to Aragorn and showed him the evils of the Sith and what the Jedi could offer him. He didnt have any of that besides fighting beside Kami. Aragorn came out of his place of solitude to join Sarus, but no words were exchanged. The uncomfortable silence lasted a long time. Sarus tried to break the ice by playing a game Dejarik with Aragorn. He agreed and was quickly defeated because he was nowhere near reality. He was very distracted. They played Pazaak, which Aragorn one out of blind luck.

"I know its hard Aragorn but talking about it is going to help." Sarus said desperately trying to get Aragorn talk. He knows what can happen if you keep feelings bottled up. They turn to anger and sadness, easily reaching the dark side.

"You know how I feel. You are a force warrior, you can sense how I feel without me saying anything."

"That doesnt mean anything. Feelings can be manipulated and twisted as a shield for other things."

"Search me, my feelings aren't manipulated. But if you must know. I am fine, just need some time."

Sarus sighed, unsatisfied with the answer but he somehow sensed Aragorn would come through rather quickly. The training of the Jedi, especially at JvS was good about controlling your feelings and what to hang on to. He suspected by the next council meeting for him to be actually Knighted, he would be over it. The computer beeped, signaling their arrival at the Enclave. Permission was granted to land. They landed and Aragorn went right for his room. the Jedi Consular stopped to greet Aragorn, but he ignored him. Camus had a confused look on his face but he went back to work. Sarus was tempted to follow Aragorn, but he didnt. Best if he was alone for awhile


"Life and power should be logarithmic"

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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:26 am

Ptolemy looked at the control panel as he easily guided the Dawn Treader to landing pad 3 west. The ship rocked gently as it hits a patch of turbulence the inertial Dampeners could not completely compensate for. Watching the various gauges and indicators Ptolemy fires the breaking thrusters and comes to a hover, extends the landing gear and sets down on the pad with barely a bump. Pleased with the landing, Ptolemy goes through the post flight almost mechanically making makes notes on issues he needs to look into or get fixed. He leans back for a moment and thinks about what it is going to be like not to eat his own cooking for a few days. Chuckles to him self and gets out of the command couch, grabs his staff and limps down the boarding ramp.

While Ptolemy had never been a big fan of Tropical planets JVS seemed nice enough though. You could see the scars the jungle leaves on everything as it tries to absorb and erase all traces of progress from its domain and then there were the signs of some pretty nasty fights damage that is patched, noticeable because of the subtle shade difference in the patch and the surrounding wall. There were signs of cuts and massive holes in the walls scorch marks you can never really scrub off or paint over.

There was an under current of something dark like an oil slick on top of a puddle of water. Something you may not be able to see but taints everything it comes in contact with. It is there in the oily film on what you touch or as that flavor you cannot quite place. Ptolemy had felt that taint before on Nar Shadaa, A place in which he was able to blend in and hide his gift. Stealth was one of the first things that he was taught by his Father. There was a palpable tension in the air as if there were two sides of an issue that could not be agreed on or two factions diametrically opposed never being able to come to an agreement. Tension so thick it seemed to be on the edge of a violent conflict, held in check by force of will and tight control. Such forced peace never lasts, in Ptolemy’s experience; there is always something that ignites the passions on one side or the other.

‘Well’ Ptolemy said looking for a data access station ‘that just means I will not be staying long.’ Spotting what he was looking for, Ptolemy made his way to a data pad and accessed the repair listings, picked a service randomly and placed orders for several repairs that were needed for his ship. Then searched for a hotel or inn that he could stay at for the 2 weeks that that he would have to stay here while his ship was undergoing maintenance and repairs. With the mundane tasks out of the may, He accessed the map and found the closest bar a joint called the Darth Bar … sounded ominous but then there is the Prancing Pony the local pub is usually the best place to get a handle on the local happenings and the Prancing Pony sound a bit more tame. Looking at the map there was an area that caught his attention, apparently there was an academy for force sensitive’s in town… actually looked like it took up most of the town. Ptolemy chuckled to himself thinking ‘isn’t that just the arrogance of the Jedi and Sith. This port and settlement was probably created to serve the needs of the enclave.’ He accessed information on the Enclave and found the reason for the underlying tension. Jedi and Sith not only on the same planet but under the same roof… that’s gotta be a good time.

Ptolemy shook his head.

This information gave Ptolemy pause, not sure if he wanted to venture out of the star port with sith on planet but the lure of human contact was to strong. So, he gathered his cloak around him and erected the barriers to hide his gift and so the stealth that had served him so well on Nar Shadaa and made his way to Prancing Pony.

Out of habit he exaggerated his limp and leaned heavily on his staff down several streets. As he turned a corner he ran head long into a young man who seemed… distracted. The man was solid and as they collided, the young man had to take a step back to keep his balance. Ptolemy was not so lucky. He tried to absorb the impact but his right leg failed him once more and he fell. He arched his back to try and cushion his fall and only succeeded in rolling end over on to his stomach, didn’t hurt as bad but was a little embarrassing. Irritation flashed on the man’s face as he glanced down at the old man on the street. Then his visage softened a bit and put out his hand to help Ptolemy up. The way the man moved he was a warrior but the slump of his shoulders and the weight of his step showed him to be carrying something far heavier that even he realized.

‘I am sorry’ He said as he helped Ptolemy up ‘I am a bit… preoccupied’

‘No worries, I was in a hurry as well and my old leg does not work as well as it used to’ Ptolemy laughed and looked at the young man. There was something there that looked familiar but there was no flicker of recognition on his face ‘tell you what, I am knew on planet and in need of someone to show me to a pub. I was trying to find a place called ‘the Prancing Pony’ if you know where it is, could you show me the way?’

‘I am a little busy’ he said

‘Please,’ asked Ptolemy ‘I just need a guide to the pub, I will buy you an Ale or what ever drink you like. I will not impose further.’

The man started to shake his head but it seemed some sense of duty took over and he relented. The unlikely pair made their way through the dusty streets of the settlement talking of things strangers talk about. The weather, sites and sounds of the settlement and battles long past. They walked for almost 20 minutes absorbed in conversation Ptolemy Gleaning information and the man trying to get a read on the old man. As each moment passed it got more and more difficult Ptolemy to hide his excitement,

‘Every thing fits!’ Ptolemy thought ‘This could be my son! This could be Aragorn!’

‘I am Aragorn’ the man finally introduced himself

‘I am, Ptolemy’ Ptolemy Struggled to keep the emotion from his voice and his face a blank slate. Knowing his son wouldn’t remember his name it was all he could do to keep from smothering the man in an embrace. ‘I have traveled far and wide. And for some reason, the Force has landed me here’

Aragorn looked at the man a little confused; he sensed only a trickle of force no more than is in all living things but there was something not as it seemed. Shorter by a wide margin, the man was hiding something and yet there was something familiar about him… A feeling long forgotten.

‘No, I do not have time for this I need to get back to the enclave and prepare for my trial’ Aragorn thought.

‘So how long have you been a Jedi?’ asked Ptolemy

‘What?’ Aragorn asked a little annoyed again.

‘I felt your sword when we ran into each other.’ Ptolemy Said with an amused smirk ‘I am sorry do not mean to pry but in a place like this you are Jedi, Sith or in some kind of supporting role. You didn’t try to beat me or kill me and those are not the robes of someone that works a regular job. That leaves a Jedi’

‘Umm… yeah’ muttered Aragorn ‘Look, I have to go. I have something really important to attend to. The Prancing Pony is on the left you can get what or who ever you need there. I am late and really have to go.’

'Good Day to you' Ptolemy whispered to Aragorn's back 'son'

Ptolemy watched as his son turned and ran toward the enclave. When he was out of sight, Ptolemy turned and entered the Pub now only a blur through the tears in his eyes. Some how he found an unoccupied booth and collapsed into it, pushing his body against the wall and stretching his leg along the seat careful not to let his foot hang over into the isle. He composed himself and motioned to the droid waiting tables and ordered a shot of brandy and a mug of Ale and got lost in memories and emotions he thought he would never feel again.


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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

Post by Dray The Fingerless on Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:26 am

//I know it's not very well written, but I was thinking of something else and couldn't get into this meeting. I did the best I could, mainly because the meeting needed to happen. I have another section or two I can put in while Ara writes his trial.

Sarus took a deep breath and pushed through the double doors into the Alliance Council room. The room was large, and cavernous, it was formed in the shape of a dome that towered almost three stories high. It was split down the middle with the architechtural style. When entering there was the Sith side on the right, with blood red walls, mixed with tribal and jagged lines of black. There were five chairs on the Sith side also, complementing the mostly red walls with black cloth, and sharp angles. The chair at the head of the Sith side, one of the first two you would see when entering, was much more wicked looking then the rest, and was elevated slightly above the other, to signify that is was the chair of the Dark Lord. The left was the Jedi side, it had several shades of blue mixed in with soft abstract white textures. The chairs themselves also complemented the walls with a white outline and frame and light blue seat pads. Copying the Sith side, there were five chairs on the Jedi side as well, with the one at the head of the room elevated, and with a higher back, and more pads, to signify that it was the seat of the Grand Master.

Currently all the chairs were filled with Spanish and Iron at the head of the room, next to each other. To Spanish's left was Layfon, the Sith'Ari of the Sith Academy. To Iron's right was Champion, the Battlemaster of the Jedi Enclave. Extending out from there on the Sith side were: Sinestra, Stamp, and Dante, the Dark Council. Extending out from Champion on the Jedi side were: Camus, Ares, and Siris, the Master Council.

The chamber had been built specifically so that the two Councils could meet should the need arise. It was seldom used, because neither Council wanted to ask for help from a side they viewed as weak or misguided. There were times, however, when the problem they faced was larger then either could deal with alone. Such a time had finally come.

"Why have you called us together?" Iron asked sitting back in his chair.

"Yes," Spanish said sitting forward in his chair, "I'm also interested in what you have come across that you believe is too big for us to face alone?"

"I wouldn't have called you here if I didn't believe it was a serious problem Span," Sarus replied trying to glare back at the Dark Lord, but couldn't. Spanish looked like he had been had been on the wrong end of a concussion rifle, his right arm was in a sling, and his mid section was heavily bandaged and braced to help heal internal bleeding, as well as various scrapes and bruises all over his body. So instead of glaring he took to just meeting the man's eyes, "I may have been away for a while, but I do not waste the Council's time on anything unimportant, either Council."

Spanish seemed sated, "Very well," he said sitting back and crossing his legs, "make your report."

"As you all know," Sarus started, "a little over two centuries ago there was a Galactic Empire run by a group of Sith. But these Sith were not like normal Sith, they desired power, and personal gain, of that there is no doubt, but they were also completely devoted to one Sith in particular. A Sith name Darth Krayt. He managed to forge the Sith into a group with one purpose, loyalty to him, and him alone, they fought for his affection and respect, died for it as well. When he died the group, now known as the One Sith, desolved into chaos. No one wanted to be loyal to another, they all wanted the top spot for themselves, and because of this the Galactic Sith Empire fell to the Galactic Alliance, and the efforts of a few rogue Jedi. How this Empire fell is what changed both sides to what we see now, groups of Sith and Jedi spread throughout the Galaxy with different philosophies, and numbers."

"An accurate history lesson," Layfon said, "but what does it have to do with this 'problem' of yours?"

"I have a feeling he'll get to that Lay," Champion said smiling at the Sith'Ari in mock tolerance.

Sarus resumed before an argument could break out, "No one was ever able to figure out how Krayt got these Sith to follow him, to worship him," he paused for a minute, "at least not until a decade ago. That's when I estimate the group I encountered in my five years of spying started." Sarus recounted what he had told Dray, Thing, and Aragorn about the group he had found of darkside worshippers, and the fleet they were amassing. After finishing the tale the room was plunged into silence.

"So they're going to go on a crusade against any and all Jedi and Sith?" Iron asked with his hands in front of him.

"Yes," Sarus replied. "They call themselves the Dark Crusaders. They worship the dark side, and as such they worship destruction. As far as I can tell that is their only motivation, to see things destoryed, to see what is made be undone. They ally themselves with war and violence, not any side or philosophy. Sadly I cannot be one hundred percent sure in this, because I could not actively infiltrate their ranks."

"I thought you were fully versed in the stealth and blending arts?" Ares asked with his hands together.

"I am," Sarus answered, "but there are things that are impossible to infiltrate. One of those is a recruitment process that requires you to leave your mind open at all times so that a Master can look into your thoughts." Sarus looked down and shivered as if remembering a particularly disturbing memory, "Even if it kills the student. I don't know how they brain wash these people into leaving themselves so exposed, but they do."

"How far up does this 'brain washing' extend?" Dante asked, "Is it all the way to the top, or do these 'Masters' have their will intact?"

"I don't know," Sarus replied shaking his head, "I wasn't able to do anything more then sneak in to a couple outposts a few times, but each time I was stone walled by their encryption, and while the Masters have their minds closed off, they do tend to act very similar. I would only be guessing, but I would say the Masters have a degree of freedom, but are still under the control of whoever the leader or leaders are."

"This is indeed disturbing," Iron said leaning forward and putt his chin on his hands. "We'll need time to discuss this," he said looking at the Chiss, "we'll contact you with your orders once we're done."

Sarus nodded, turned, and walked out of the room, hearing debate starting even before the doors closed behind him.

"How'd it go?" Thing asked, joining the Chiss as he walked by.

Sarus shrugged and turned a corner towards the Jedi Dojo, "As well as can be expected when you tell someone of impeding danger. They believed me, and that's as much as I can reasonably hope for."

Thing looked at Sarus, puzzled, "Why wouldn't they believe you?"

"There are plenty of reasons," Sarus replied scratching his head absently, "in fact there are more reasons to discount my information, then to trust it." He brought his hand down and start ticking off things on his hand, "I've been isolated for five years, so it's entirely possible I might have gone insane. It's a conspiracy, which are always plausible, but also almost always wrong. I could have been captured and brain-washed while I was away to mislead them. Because I've always been liberal with my Force use it would be harder to pin down if I've gone to the dark side, so I may be just manipulating them for my own advantage."

"It strikes me that someone who was truly compromised would not tick off ways in which they could have been compromised," the Knight replied lifting his eyebrows in question.

"And yet by telling you I dismiss your doubt," the Chiss replied putting his hands behind his head. "There's really no fool-proff way to prove someone is or isn't who they pretend to be, because it's always possible that the person is much more intelligent then you give them credit for. History is fraught with people fooled into thinking they were right and just by someone no one expected to be capable of a takeover."

Thing looked down in thought, and remained silent for the remainder of their trip to the dojo. Sarus couldn't blame him, it was a frightening thought when it had occurred to him as well. It made you see conspiracies and enemies everywhere, and there was absolutely no truth that could rid you of the sensation. In truth Sarus still saw no one as trustworthy, just a bit less of an enemy, and someone he could be a little more open with. The one thing he had learned that had saved his sanity to an extent was to realize his limitations, realize that if he could see a conspiracy he would, and if he couldn't, then there was nothing he could do about. That and developed reflexes.

He wondered for a few minutes how long it would take his companion to arrive at the same answer. The Knight was smart, deceptively so, it was hard to tell when he was joking, serious, failing, or lulling you into a trap. So he assumed the human would figure it out by the time they got to the dojo.

The two turned the final corner and walked into the dojo. It was a wide area, with a two story high ceiling, sitting pads lining two sides with a raised and isolated seating area for the Jedi Masters, and Combat Specialists, since the dojo was on the Enclave side of the Temple there was no room for Sith. The entrance to the dojo was free of seats, and instead just had a couple small ares for teams should a tournament occur. The center of the dojo itself was a semi-soft sparring mat that was fifty feet long and fifty feet long, the walls were a tan off-white, the floor outside the sparring area was made of brown Ithorian Oak, and the sparring mat itself was the same color as the walls.

As the two entered they saw a few Padawans just finishing up a group sparring session and reaching for their towels to wipe the sweat off. There were a few scattered Jedi talking, and watching the matches as they occurred.

Thing looked up and around confused as to how he got there, "So why are we here?" He asked trying to buy time to remember the walk over.

"I wanted to let off some pent up energy, and this seemed like the best place," Sarus replied indicating the abscence of a lightsaber at his belt.

Thing nodded comprehension, "Have fun," he said walking over to sit on one of the spectator pads, "I'm no good without a lightsaber," he finished dropping into a corss-legged stance.

Sarus tilted his head in puzzlement, "But you use hand-to-hand elements in your Shii-Cho."

Thing laughed, "That's not hand-to-hand, that's me falling over myself and my opponent."

Sarus eyed the Knight suspiciously, "You like to keep people off guard don't you?"

"Perhaps," the Knight replied with a smile. He pointed at the sparring area, "I think you have an opponent."

Sarus turned around and saw a Padawan standing in the center of the floor, alone, looking both annoyed and frustrated. The man had long black hair that would have hid his braid from all but the most keen of observers. He was around the same age as Sarus, but his face showed more years then his body. The Padawan must have been through some serious events to leave him in such a state.

Sarus walked to meet the Padawan on the sparring mat, and drew the attention of the entire room at the same time. Most were looking at him as if he was insane, while others just looked very interested in the fight that was about to happen. The Padawan was looking at him appraisingly, as if accessing a student, or a challenger he thought posed no real threat. "I applaud your bravery," he said with a voice that bespoke confidence and arrogance.

"It seems others are just as shocked," Sarus replied looking the man in the eye as he stopped a few feet away, within arms reach, but far enough away to react in time to any attack. "Why is that?"

"Newcomer?" He asked, "That explains a lot. I'm Gal3rm, the Enclave's next Force Warrior," he said putting his hand out, "but everyone calls me Gal."

Sarus reached out and took the Padawan's hand, "Nice to meet you. I'm Sarus Cloud, the current Force Warrior." He replied enjoying the wave of shock that passed over Gal's face.

The shock passed, and the Padawan's face twisted in a wicked smile, "Is that right?"

Before Sarus could reply he felt his arm being lifted, and felt his body fly up, flip over and slam into the ground. He hadn't been expecting the move so soon, he was expecting more pointless banter, but if the man wanted to start now, he had no complaints.

"Not that good are you-" Gal started to say, but was cut off as his own arm was tugged down causing him to lose his balance. The foot that impaled his face stopped him from trying to complete it as well.

Sarus released the Padawan's arm and let him back up a few feet as Sarus leaped up and turned to face Gal, "You were saying?"

Gal wiped the dirt off his mouth and smiled, "This'll be fun."


"Life and power should be logarithmic"

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Re: Corruption of a Jedi

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